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I make boxes, for years now I have made boxes. First they were metal, soldered together from old food tins, with these it was the making that was important and they tended to be made specially for one specific person (PS: if anyone of these people still have them I would appreciate a photo or two to add here thx!) Now they are wooden boxes, any wooden boxes I find cheap that I fill with all kinds of stuff, mostly things I have picked up as souvenirs, cheap tacky shit... In fact that was the reason I started to make this type, simple as some way of storing and displaying all these memories. They do not in themselves MEAN anything, but are a little slice of life, a bit of my brain.

More about the boxes >>

 November 11 - 14   2004  ICONS OF  KIPPLE
Nordic Art Info     Brugata Oslo Norway
  This exhibition was a complete success and I would like to thank Hanne and Jan for the help and support in doing this.

CLICK HERE to get a CDR of the sound performance that I did on the first night. The recording was a special composition to accompany the show

Photographs from the exhibition>>

 2002 - 2004 Imprint Art Gallery
Deventer -  Holland

I had a few boxes in permanent exhibition here, but the gallery dissappeared, and so did my boxes, hopefully in a loft somewhere, gathering dust.

 1997 Cafe Sara
Oslo -  Norway

An exhibition of boxes (OF COURSE) and some prints.

 1989 The Aspex Gallery

I had a studio here for a few years. At this exhibition I displayed "The box of delights" which was the total set for my fulm (still unfinished) entitled "The Box" which was to be the third part of an Alchemical trilogy. I will finish it one day, I still have the Box.

 1988 The Fridge Brixton
Light Minds - A London Film-makers Coop exhibition.

Here I showed my some video work - years ago...