Me with my guitar... Oh! and a few too many effects!!. My guitar music is really quite different from my laptop music, for the reasons given above. My guitar set-up (shown here) really is a bit over the top, and I cannot say that I have mastered it at all, but I have scratched the surface and continue, on a daily basis to work with my guitar and delve deeper into the possibilities that my gear offers.

Utilising guitar synthesisers, and heavy looping techniques I can build dense layers of shifting sound, then twist it around to something else and head off in a different direction, grind down to a halt, back up a bit, reverse round a corner and take off.

Recorded live onto minidisk in the spring of 2004, it is a few chosen improvisations.

Coincidentaly, I had to go to an ear nose and throat doctor a few days after releasing this album, and he hurt my ears with his spiky little tool.. maybe I should send him this CD?? Hurt HIS f***ing ears!

Thanks to Jonny for printing them for me!

Glitch Guitar Improvisations 2004.


GROWL (download mp3)