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Synesthetic Recordings SYRE 016 CD-R

Ear, Nose and Throat
is the latest in a series of improvised guitar recordings by ex- Cranes guitar/bass player Mark Francombe.
Working with a baritone guitar as source material he combines completely conventional guitar playing and less standard ?improv? techniques, with a heavy artillery of filters, delays, samplers, loopers, synthesisers and the inevitable laptop to modified and process his sound.
Much of his work stems from the process of playing and sampling small snippets and phrases of simple melody, which then degrade and distort into digital noise or analogue grunge. Layers build and fade, melodies loop hypnotically till they transform into something else. All is enveloped in a reverby haze that gives the result a kind of classical quality, sometimes reminiscent of Cranes pseudo classical La Tragédie d'Oreste et Électre, and other times the Fripp/Eno classic, No Pussyfooting.

Francombe’s baritone guitar is pitched somewhere between a regular guitar and a bass, which ideally places it for both melodic and low-end work, however harmonisers and pitch shifters are often in play moving the sound into un-natural registers. The click and chop of glitch is also present, but in Francombe’s work it has less to do with the sound of digital malfunction and more an audible process of re-organisation, as he moves sound around from one place to another.

Ear, Nose and Throat is not a carefully recorded technological composition or composed conceptual masterwork, but it stands as what it is, a document of an improvisation showing simply what happened in the studio that day.

Ear, Nose and Throat is released through Oslo based Synesthetic Recordings, a fiercely independent label overseen by Petter Flaten Eilertsen. The label is central to the highly regarded Norwegian Noise/improv/experimental scene, and has released material by Lasse Marhaug, Noxagt, Maja Ratkje, Single Unit and many others.





Coincidentaly, I had to go to an ear nose and throat doctor a few days after releasing this album, and he hurt my ears with his spiky little tool.. maybe I should send him this CD?? Hurt HIS f***ing ears!

Thanks to Jonny for printing them for me!

Heres the track-list...
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Review By Roger Mills - furthernoise.org

Mark Francombe has a well heeled reputation for experimental electronic and improvised music. Moving from his native UK to Norway in 1997 he settled in Oslo where he has since become a mainstay of the cities improvised electronic music scene as well as running his own label Synch Non Synch. A founding member and guitarist of the 1980's UK indie band the Cranes his musical lineage is wide & varied which is conspicuous in his new release Ear, Nose & Throat.

Released this time on Oslo based Synesthetic Recordings Ear, Nose & Throat is a cinematic journey of manipulated guitar improvisations, sampled, filtered and processed into a soundtrack that is both melodic and mesmerising. Looping riffs build and morph into multiple layers and textures creating a rich audio imagery that given recent microsound debates I wont make too much of but if one is to see sound as colour or image then this music is definitely a candidate. The press release eludes to Eno / Fripp's 'No Pussyfooting' and I would definitely add Ennio Morricone to this comparison if only to illustrate it's diversity. Each of the 4 tracks that make up this album have a distinct coherence but what really intrigues is the multiplicity of voices created from the one guitar and a bunch of FX. Screeching feedback to reversed reverberating guitar, often organ like in it's breathiness and timbre coupled with rhythmic snippets cut up and sequenced in a wry nod to glitch but ultimately not. The originality in Francombes palette of sound is also due in part to his modified baritone guitar pitched between a standard and bass guitar allowing for an enhanced lower end, giving the recording a real dynamic frequency depth and balance.