on synesthetic recordings

These are the first improvisations in 2005. They are all based on a new technique I am working with. I have in my rack a Vocoder (or rather a synth that can vocode) and in these tracks I have patched the output of my 2 looping devices, to the 2 inputs on the vocoder. If this makes no sense, then you probably are not that interested. I have called it FISH! because it is the answer to the old joke "How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?", and because I was thinking of the scene in "The Wicker Man" where  Edward Woodward asks "Who are you?" to a strange fellow, who replies "I am the Salmon of Knowledge!" and also because most were recorded on a Friday, and Friday is Fishday! There are 4 tracks on this little 6 minute card, so they are all quite short, there was a couple more from the same recording session, but sadly, due to the time restrictions of the format,  "Cod" and "Stickleback" did'nt make it. 

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Improvised, manipulated, mangled, modified and mistreated guitar.
recorded at 161, Oslo, Norway, Jan 2005