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Loopers Delight Compilation Vol 3 $10


Compilation album from members of the Loopers Delight mailing list, really great and divers looping music, my track is called Mogadishu


Tongue Lip Cheek & Chin $10


Additional recordings from the Ear Nose and Throat sessions.


Ear Nose & Throat $10


A combined release with Synesthetic recordings. This is the latest in my guitar improvisations, recorded Spring 2005, and tweaked until the summer. Many recordings were made to put together this record and I shall be releasing some of the out-takes as a separate CD.



The first release on Synesthetic recordings. This is a Card formant CD, in a series entitled Kort.In Norwegian kort means card, and short. These four tracks are probably the shortest I have ever done.


The most fearless animal in the world $10


The second glitch guitar improvisation CDR in 2004.


Icons of Kipple $10


The music on this CDR was performed live on the 11th November at Nordic Art Info, at the opening party of my exhibition of the same name.


Badgered $10
Glitch Guitar Improvisations 2004.
Badgered is a little different, The tracks here are all completely improvised and recorded direct to tape. Playing what he calls "glitch guitar" it is the result of an extremely
complex guitar set-up. Utilising guitar synthesisers, and heavy looping techniques he can build dense layers of shifting sound, then twist it around to something else and head off in a different direction, grind down to a halt, back up a bit, reverse round a corner and take off. Recorded 2004.


The Money Hush Room  $10


The Money Hush Room, although as equally eclectic as LVofT, it concentrates on Marks more electronic side. Developed using many custom programmed vst plugins (available for FREE elsewhere on this site)  low tech electronics and various circuit bent instruments. Recorded 2003/4


 The Last Vestiges of Taste NOW FREE!  FREE!



"The Last Vestiges of taste"  received underground acclaim during the summer of 2002, notably in Belgium and Holland. Deemed "too diverse" by semi-interested record labels, it spans Marks various musical influences from electronica, punk, ambient and just plain quirky. Recorded 2002




So which box do you want?


YES, Its true! You too can now own a real genuine Mark Francombe box of Kipple! For only 75 bucks, you will receive a lovingly crafted wooden box filled to the brim with, miscellaneous debris, memories, rubbish, love, wood, fantasy, whimsy, plastic, truth, knowledge, plaster, humour, paper, ersatz ephemera, and a hell of a lot of glue! Its Art you know?
All boxes come with the Icons of Kipple  Soundtrack CD ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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