This album is kind of the second part to Ear Nose and Throat.

It is basically the recordings I made that didn't make it, not because they were crap, but simple because I recorded too much and had to sift and make choices, which track went best after what etc. SO today I sat down and listened to all the stuff that I didnt use, and, blow me down with a feather, it was all pretty good, (apart from one track that was just plain awful!) SO, a few edits later, and here it is!

Ear Nose and Throat is available at www.synestheticrecordings.com/SYRE016.htm



more guitar glitching fun
The Cover: Meant as a cheap version of Ear Nose and Throat, this cover has me sticking labels on my face and scanning it..
CHEEK (download mp3)

Review By Roger Mills - furthernoise.org

Apparently made up of recordings that didn't make the Ear, Nose & Throat cut this group of tracks is far more than a just a sequel. To my ears it has less finesse but is in many ways all the more exciting for it. You still have the multiple loops and layers of Ear, Nose & Throat but with a much darker, more cerebral edge. Cut from the same block there are many similarities between the two releases but perhaps without thinking Francombe has let go a bit on this and it really does work as an separate album in it's own right. There are also some added analogue signal manipulations, piano and pads thrown in which lends it an interesting variation to it's sister release. Think dry desert landscapes or perhaps icy glaciers being in Norway but it contains all the audio pictorial references needed for a vivid blackout experience. Track 1 [ Tongue ] is my pick of the bunch with a definite electro feel it moves along on chopped white noise rhythm gradually dropping the beats for layers of melodic entwined guitar writhing into sculpted abstract noise workouts. This track features on this editions new net release Explorations in Sound Selection 1 (artwork included) free to download with the edition.