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This page is for recent reviews of my stuff, not many really though cos I'm so bad at sending it to people...

Furthernoise Reviews For some time now I've been reviewing music at www.furthernoise.org. Here I have archived those reviews. This has been really fun for me, and I would like to do more writing, for other publications, on different subjects. If you want me to do something for you, just ask! (especially WIRE magazine... I would LOVE to write for them) Thanks to Roger for the opportunity.
furthernoise issue January 2005 Chiste1 (Santiago Centro 2 AM Mix)
furthernoise issue September 2005 Formatt
  Swamps up Nostrils EP
  Safe as Milk Festival - Haugesund
furthernoise issue January 2006 Norwegian Noise: An Audience with the king.
  ...and I'll call Rusty by The Dry Heeves
furthernoise issue March 2006 The Caution Curves
furthernoise issue May 2006 eXp
  Lee Noyes & Phil Hargreaves
furthernoise issue August 2006 Lacunae
furthernoise issue November 2006 Robert Poss
furthernoise issue March 2006 Roggbiff Records
  The Caution Curves 2
  Lukas Simonis
  Frederik Ness Sevendal


This text is still relevant to me and my current work. I wrote this in 1987 and is pretty much a rag-bag for stuff that was into then and predominately still am. Namely Dada, Burroughs, Cage and P Orrigge. It stands "as it was" right now, but I may make some new notes (maybe in a different colour) as some stuff Im not so happy with now. But anyway. A good effort Mark 8/10

Synesthesia This is an essay I wrote in 1985, about links between sound and vision, or multi-media as we most often call it now. It is somewhat dated now, due mainly to the fact that I was studying Video Art which seems somewhat passé and er... eighties theses days, but there is still some good historical stuff here.
(still in progress, as I OCR'ed the original typed copy, there may be some errors)