Well alright so we haven`t released that much to date, but here is the list anyway...

Kneel and Buzz.

Track on "Space Invaders" Space Echo Techno compilation.
A Norwegian compilation album, information from:
Space Echo
P.O.Box 9442, Valerenga
0610 Oslo, Norway.
tel:(+47)22 57 28 54
fax:(+47)66 91 01 50

Tuba Edit.
I`m misleading.

Two tracks on "Anon". An AID`s benefit double CD, from Castle von Buhler Records. A beautifully designed package, containing two CD`s, Solar and Luna, (Eardrums tracks are to be found at Luna One and Luna Thirteen respectively),Plus every track has been lovingly illustrated in a set of postcards that accompanys the CD`S(Our tracks have been illustrated by Christine Red and Cynthia von Buhler). Their beautiful website, telling of all their other projects such as Cynthia von Buhlers On line Portrait Gallery and the Women of Sodom (suck it and see), contains downloadable soundbites of every track plus artwork.Check it out here!

mpg3 files

Finally I've got around to putting some stuff up as mpg3's. Got bored waiting for a record deal, and Im too involved in my new...er... stuff.

But if anyone likes this...er ... stuff enough to release it just let me know!!!

So download and enjoy:


01.Revelation Nine.mp3

02. Tuba.mp3


04.The Loft.mp3

05.Track four.mp3

06.Eat her kin.mp3

07.A calmer karma.mp3

08.Bone of contention.mp3


10.Bleeps and Boosters.mp3

Thanks to Alex J for mpg-ing them for me


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