p h i l o s o p h y

1) Write what you want to write.

In other words, don`t be influenced by trends or styles in music, unless you want to be, do what ever you want to do, even copy someone if you want to, you probably won`t get anywhere doing this and the music may not be any good but if you want to do that, do it! If you just do what naturally comes into your head, then at least you will like it, even if no one else does,and thats the most important thing.

2) Skill,Technical quality and ego are Unimportant.

If you`re not a skillfull musician, then cheat. Who cares if your recordings hiss and hum? Boring, dreary people with expensive Hi Fi`s and no friends. Don`t have an ego or else someone will tell you thet you`re crap, but if you already suspect that you are crap, then you won`t be surprised!

3) Love of High and Low Technology.Our favourite musical instruments are the sampler because they can do anything that you can think of, and drums because you hit them as hard as you like. Non-physical and physical.

4) Take inspiration from anything.

We like all types of music, western, eastern, classical and non classical but you can also derive inspiration from books, films, a word, a painting or the sound of a saucepan hit while half submerged in the bath.

5) Do not stick to conventions.

There are many examples of song conventions here is one of them. A song does not have to last three and a half minutes, it has been discovered by us that our music usually lasts for about seven minutes for other peoples music it may be different, but I find that I also prefer listening to other peoples songs if they are also about seven minutes, its my perfect length. Shorter, and I don`t get into it, longer and my attention wanders.

6) Make no aims.

If you have aims, you won`t make them.

7) A piece of music is never finished.

A piece of music is never finished, there is always other ways it can be performed, and no way is the right way and no way is the wrong way, there is only the way that you like

8) Allow or encourage random mistakes.

I say it again, there is no wrong way, THERE is no wrong way,There IS no wrong way, There is NO wrong way, There is no WRONG way, Ther iz know rong wai.

9) Have fun!

Obvious but true!

10) Ignore all philosophies.

If you`ve just read all this, then forget it you sad jerk, don`t read other people`s philosophies, invent your own. Click here NOW!


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