fly.mp3 the most infamous of uncle ian tracks featuring shirley bassey on vocals - this track was included in the live set from about 1982 until the very end and ended up on tape in multitudinous different versions - this version is not the earliest, but was recorded around '82 - '83 probably on a 4 track Portastudio
hydrofoil.mp3 the only uncle track to make it onto vinyl - the infamous bite back records sampler album "make ready for revelation" (I think) - however this version is an earlier and much better one than the album track which was recorded at Portsmouth Polytechnic's film department - sometimes we tried to hard
recorded in '89 - '90 in a garage in Liphook, Hampshire - the only time the uncles did a proper multitrack recording. Just fucking excellent vocals, if i do say so myself!
recorded at the same session - pretty much the last uncle recordings ever made with marcus fiasco, nijel elborg & rich lewis - engineered by.....what was his name
urban picnic pt.2002.mp3 just to prove that uncle ian is still alive and well a reworking of the 1st track on side 3 of the "going ape in the optics factory" cassette. Originaly called "the urban picnic pt2" although i don't know why because it bears absolutely no relationship to the original "urban picnic", almost the first track the uncles performed live
safehouse2003.mp3 part of another reworking of an olf favourite. originally written with I.G.Farben on his fabulous Roland SH101 synth this version is more of a variation.
mark's download page marcus fiasco, alias mark red, continues making innovative music to this day, well yesterday anyway - check out his illustrious career

now available

a brand new album from Uncle Ian.

"no sensayuma" is the 1st recording for nearly ten years. released as a work in progress/exorcise the ghosts/release the demons/full-on package experience. some of the tracks are crap and some are really quite good therefor it is being released for free on the Urban Picnic label for a limited time only.

If you would like to sample a real plastic compact disc version, e-mail Uncle Ian at putting No Sensayuma as the heading and your name address and e-mail in the message and we will endeavour to get a copy to you. No promises mind!

now av ailable: Friday, May 16, 2003