Telenor: The Visionary

Corporate Sci Fi E-learning

Visionary was a “Vision and Values” E-Learning concept written by Hilde, and realised by me and my chums at Transform, for Norwegian Telecom company Telenor. The premise was that long into the future, there are no more problems and everything is successful. And Telenor are very succesful. The reason, well back in 2005 they realised that following the companies Vision lead to success! So they made a program called “The Visionary” to tackle this. But then some things seem to be going wrong, and the “Value Guardians are sent back to 2005 to see what the problem was… and fix it… but… there was no REAL problems, but there was SABOTAGE!

Four exiting Interactive episodes, here are the Intro films to each one. Made completely by me, a greenscreen room, 3D I made in a game engine, and after effects.



Super 8 Film
I originally shot this sometime between 1987 and 1989. Dole film depicts the somewhat grim but productive life of a lonely artist on the great British institution that is “The Dole”.
In its day it was accompanied by various tape-loops playing backwards and at the wrong speed on multiple reel to reel tape machines. These loops were lost eons ago, so I searched my recent recordings and found one that simply had the correct length. Its called “day 2 track 1 part 1” and it was recorded live, with Faustine Ferrar singing, also live, in Paris while I was in Oslo. The wonders of the internet!

DOLE FILM from Mark Francombe on Vimeo.


Lo Fi Film

The film was shot in complete darkness, in 2 takes, using an old Panasonic Video Camera, with infra red night vision. Part 1 was speeded up part 2 was slowed down.
The material is glow in the dark Fimo, and the objects in Part 1 were hardened in the oven after the film was made.
They will be available in a later artwork.

Music is called 01-090102_2156.wav which just happens to be the name my computer gave it, a tad unimaginative if you ask me, but there you go. Using a baritone guitar, an edp and repeater for looping, the edp is being pitch shifted by a Roland EF303 which is at the same time sending CC´s to the repeater to mute tracks randomly. The distortion is from a Alesis Bitrman and the Voices from a Roland GR30