Music and how it is currently distributed.

This depressing chart I wanted to post on my blog, just so I remember it. My friend Andy pointed out that maybe Spotify is not THAT bad, as its more correct to think of it as radio, and not as a sale, and you get paid everytime they play something, not just once per sale… still bad cash tho… Was better in the old days… like last week…

2 thoughts on “Music and how it is currently distributed.”

  1. See, that’s why performing live is absolutely essential, unless you go viral. Performing live is our main source of cash, whether it be busking or doing shows. It’s not easy, but it’s doable.

    There is also the option of getting money through google adsense if you have videos on YouTube

    1. Absolutely! But local small sale gigs don’t exactly pay, and in my day, touring didn’t pay either! Its was a marketing exercise to encourage sales of an album. The tours were most often loss funded by the record company (called tour support) and personal income derived through merchandising, (T-Shirt Sales). Not possible now, as the cost of touting a 8 man entourage (4 band 4 crew) would not be financially viable. Thus one man mans, can do quite OK, groups less so.

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