Robert Coleman RIP

Im very down today, I had some bad news that a good friend of mine just took his own life.
Rob Coleman was a brilliant artist, and was actually responsible for all of the early Cranes records artwork, the first 2 albums “Wings of Joy” Self Non Self . There were also a lot of singles and EPs in the early days (was a typical way to break indie bands back then) and his artwork for tracks like Espero and Tommorows tears, Adoration and the first ever single Inescapable were really part of the early marketing of the band, and had alot to say about where we were places as “dark” and “artistic”, ok I say it Goth band. By the third album he suddenly refused to do them anymore, was a surprise at the time, but now I think it might have been stress issues. His partner Heather and him had an almost enviable and single-minded life-style, of hard work and artistic endeavor, being both lecturers at Portsmouth University, they renovated their houses by hand, and Rob became an expert craftsman in all that he did.
I’m sure he had no idea but when we were at art college together, he was quite a mentor for me, and taught me a lot about printing and photography.
Ill miss him.

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  1. I heard this news today. Really really sad, such a talented guy. I hope wherever he is now that he’s at peace with himself…

  2. Such sad news, was such a lovely, gentle , talented guy,. My thoughts go out to Heather and his family. Sad news indeed Mark, have very happy memories of him xx

  3. Rob was a lovely person, quietly spoken, kind and gentle, and the most wonderful creative artist. Along with photographer/artist Sean Nye from Portsmouth Art College back in the 80’s, he provided my band Picture Book with the most fabulous artwork for our gigs and the single we brought out on Crystal Records “Laughing in my hand”/Reflex Action.” I still have some of the posters he made for us which are simply beautiful. Goodbye sweet man. Lesley Mary Seager (Ingram)

  4. I had no idea that Robert had left.
    Lesley just alerted me to that fact.
    Am I sad, yes. But at the same time, I am happy for him.
    His calm demons always were in the background, but that is what made him a truly inspirational person.
    Out of many memories of Robert, I would like to share two.
    1) Sitting in his bedsit (Rob just bought the vinyl of “Blue Sunshine – The Glove” and a bottle of Black Tower) We sat in silence in his white painted room while we listened to both sides of the album and sipped the vino. It was ZEN.
    Robert was the person that taught me how to communicate, be just being silent and soaking the NOW in.
    (I did realise a few weeks after that he was not totally ZEN when he got the bloody screen prints for the type on the posters around the wrong way… That’s a different story…)

    2) Me and Rob Dancing – For some reason I got the gig as the Social Sec for the Student Union… So every GiG night Rob would always suggest I put on “The Passenger – Iggy Pop” as a kick off track ‘to check the sound levels’ then he would grab me and dance… such pleasure on an empty dance floor 😉

    A gentle and caring genius.
    He will, as he always did, enjoy a hug

  5. Have only just read this, such a shame, I loved the early Cranes artwork, thought it was wonderful and distinctive, RIP… Russell

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