Screw Work Let´s play

Im currently reading Screw Work, Let’s Play: How to Do What You Love and Get Paid for it
But I must say Im not completely convinced yet. Its a nice notion and the “character” that the author describes could easily be me. I have my finger in so many pies, that NONE ever really get done. There is some real commonsense stuff, about listing all the things you do, and thinking about getting paid a little bit for all of it, is interesting…

With the Aunty game coming along nicely, I really want to get good at this self promotion thing, I recently started twitter, but can´t bring myself to tweet all my farts and hand-washes, like most people.

Unfortunately the book goes all wobbly in chapter 2, when he starts talking about Wealth Dynamics personality types, something I REALLY dont like. Believing that all as in ALL OF US, fit into one of 8 neat little boxes is daft and somewhat Facsist!!!

Whats REALLY bad is that if you follow the links in the book to take the test, they end up (through an affiliate link – like this) to a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR TEST!!!

One hundred dollars to tell me if im either a creator, a star, a deal maker, a trader, an accumulator, a lord, or a mechanic…

Fuck that

…of course Id be a fucking mechanic…

Its bad enough that the business world uses these stupid, infantile tests to decide whether to hire you, but ridiculous that we are now encouraged to do it to ourselves!!! For 100 bucks!

I shall continue to read the book however. I’m dying to get to the chapter about paying your mortgage… love to see how he suggests I do that…

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  1. Hey mark, I always thought you were good at self promotion, I follow your work with interest, will meet up with you one day, take care Steve A

  2. The author of this book is an individual whom people stopped talking to in the pub years ago because they were totally self-obsessed and totally ignorant of how ordinary people live.This book has no bibliography and no references, so how is it authentic? The author never ran a business in his life, aside from being in the business of selling ad hoc advice to people. People like this need a cult going on their lives, they need followers which is quite primitive when you think about it. They also like to make money out of all the people out there who don’t like their day job. Surely advising people to give up the day job in what is going to become a triple-dip recession is total lunacy. The tests in the book have no empirical backing. The author of this book isn’t interested in other people. If you complained to him about your life and you weren’t pay a fee, he would say (and this actually happened) ‘You make your own luck’ meaning that it is your fault if things are going badly. Stop giving him money right now. 

    1. I dont completely agree with your mr.. er ms… anonymous? I think that there is much in what he says, and maybe 25 years ago would have been able (maybe I did.. cant remember) follow this life-style. but it IS a life style, and not one that fits most people, one CANNOT give up paying the mortgage, or paying the school fees, or buying bus-passes for 4 people. You just can´t! I could live more frugally, and deprive my family of skis ( live in Norway, total necessity) or warm clothes, but there IS SOME good advice, I am planing to go down to 80% at my day job, and have one day free to “do my thing”, maybe one day I could make it 2 days. But put simply, he.. John Williams doent have kids, or a wife… seems like he might have a girlfriend (his irritating smily kiwi side-kick, wo is proud to say she doesnt need to won anything and wants to be free… well that convenient,as I´m sure she doesn’t earn too much. So he doesnt  have any idea what most people have to live like.

      But I do think you were being a tad harsh!

      1. Thanks for your comments Mark. Yes you have a point, actually more than one indeed, but I was much much better acquainted with the author in the past and so can instantly see this as a pan-handling, money-making book. There is no shortage of people who want to be self-employed or artists or etc, so the book doesn’t have to deliver, just has to promise something, while taking no responsibility. The message is one channel and I know he doesn’t care about other people. Between you and me, he has chronic psychological problems, not the person to take advice from which is why I am anonymous. Hope you understand. The harshness is all his, I’m just telling you like it is. Mail me if you want to know more or read my full review at Amazon. I gave his book ONE star.

    2. oh I should point out that I have at no time paid him ANY money… apart from the price of the book… nope I didnt fall for the trick I have reported about… 

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