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Mise en Scene

An on the road documentary, or rockumentary if you will of one of the hardest working rock band of our time… Spinal Tap.. I mean “The Cranes”

I shot this during the short tour of Holland in 1991. It was kind of a warm-up tour for the big show at the Paradiso, which was recorded on a 24 track mobile and filmed for MTV. I then edited the gig footage that the TV company shot, and later put this together with Nick out of all my VHS and Super 8 stuff.

My god it was 20 years ago!

FCB1010 Instructions


Assigning NOTE function midi channel to same as EDP. (Performed Once)
(ON the FCB1010 you can assign a different midi channel per function (5 x prog changes, 2 xcontrol changes 2 x expression pedals or 1x notenumbers) We will use the note numbers on the EDP)

1. Press and hold DOWN pedal while turning on the power.
2. Ensure DIRECT SELECT is enabled, Press footswitch 10 until lit. If lit do nothing.
3. Press UP
4. Select a midi function to edit. Press 10 (The Note Function)
5. Press UP
6. Use Exp pedal A to choose midi channel, Lets say 5!
7. Press UP
8. Press DOWN for at least 2.5 seconds to save and exit.

Choose your EDP Offset number
On the edp, choose your offset number.

1. Press Parameter button 3 times and multiply once
2. Default is 36. Most leave it at this, I have too, but may run into probs when you have 2 EDP’s.

Assigning Note numbers to pedals for the EDP functions. (Performed once per EDP function required)

0. Choose the pedal you wish to give a function to
1. Press and hold DOWN button (to edit)
2. Press UP once (to pass another function we dont need)
3. Now all lights should be OFF except for the one we want, that it 10.
4. Press and hold pedals to switch lights off, and press and hold the 10 button to switch it ON. (The 10 button denotes the use of the Note Number function)
5. Briefly press the 10 button to choose it for editing, it should flash.
6. Press up (to edit)
7. choose the EDP function number PLUS your offset number, using the Expression pedal A.
(This seems weird I know: For Instance. Your offset = 36. Record Function = 2. Enter 38)

Heres the ones YOU want.
Record = 2
Overdub = 3
Multiply = 4
Insert = 5
Undo = 7
NextLoop = 8

But you NEED, I promise…
SUS Replace = 21

Heres another for Instance: YOUR offset ??? Lets say 12 + NextLoop = 8 YOU USE 20!!

8. Press UP to exit editing that button
9. Press DOWN for 2.5 seconds or more to SAVE and EXIT.
10. Repeat for each function on a different pedal.