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My music on a weird film from Brazil

A track that I had posted on my page at FREESOUND, that was called Koran Cats and Kids, has been used on this film by bagadefente in Brazil!!!

HURRAH, funny film too.. half the sound is from MY track, (including ominous out of tune piano, and pitch shift child, which I think is my step-granddaughter Lona) and the other half is a recording of a children´s toy… that actually we have too!! ha ha!!!


I´m pretty prolific now huh? This movie was shot late in 2007, and the music comes from last year sometime. The whole edit took about 2 hours, and most of that was colourising. I am very proud of it, I love to throw things together and see what magical things happen. In this case we start with various shots of show, including one timelapse shot where I went outside and dumped the camera on the car roof. Look closely and you can se the heat of the camera melt the snow, and “settle the camera”. There is footage shot on my tram ride to work, and it culminates in shots of the chrismas tree. So we can say that this film shows the last day before Christmas.

SNOW from Mark Francombe on Vimeo.