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I have finally sent the cash off for my second Echoplex Digital Pro. Its a big day! I am happy! I dont think it will arrive in time for me to use it for the gig next week, but lots of multiplexing is to be done at Mu this year Methinks…!!!


Concert – supporting John Weise

I will be supporting noise guy John Weise at Blå on the 6th of February.
Im a bit nervous cos I didnt play at all last year… and he is doing noise… just noise, kinda ok though sort of rattly noise. This year I have been getting away from noise and drone stuff and returning to purely live looped guitar. However, this is probably a glitch, as the most recent stuff Ive done has had distortion sneaking back in, and pitch shifting everything, in almost a funny way… thats funny ha ha, not funny peculiar .



New wordpress site

I have now put my site into a wordpress site. Its gonna take some time to get all pages over from the old site, but… Im REALLY looking forward to it… quite alot to do… fixing this menu on the left so it only shows my top level pages , not all!!!

Anyway, its all the same old shit…

Pepe gets in touch

After about 15 years Pepe, finally go in touch!!! The wonderful spanish photographer, who once GAVE, yes GAVE me his Elektor Formant modular synth.

I used the synth alot during the 90’s in my band eardrum, but neglected it for a while when I moved to NORWAY. I’m currently having a renaissance of my interest in synths, and have started collecting modular modules from other manufacturers. Some of Pepes modules have been fixed up and I have had new panels made. Including the name “Pepes Elektor Formant”.