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I´m doing too much!!!

My God I´m doing too much… Im so stressed!
First there work, finishing touches to 9 episodes Anti Corruption film, you know the fiddly anal bits, new narrator, colour sound fixes.. ugh!

Then theres Aunty.. Did I finish the kitchen, the street? Have I started the hostess trolley the scones and teapot? Can I do the fun job of adding pendulums to the re-occuring dream sequence? got lots to do, PLUS Im trying to get the new funding proposal together.

Then there YK2X, the live looping festival in Santa Cruz that Im playing at in October, Iknow OCTOBER.. but my guitar needs fixing, Ive got to re-wire the pedal board, with a new Power supply, make new patch cables THAT FIT…. and figure out the signal flow, through pedals that Ive never used together. Maybe build an interface for the fat controller, thats gonna sequencer the pitch shifter, gonna have to design that and test that…

Im halfway to uploading some box photos to Etsy HERE although this isnt an offical post about that…

Thank fucking christ were going to Smavannsbu again, a weekend of no electricity, deep into the Norwegian woods…
Hopefully there wont be any mobile signal there, cos I might end up looking at my to list there!!!

Ive started using Remember the milk to keep track of all this sh… stuff, but now I just have a great big number 15 on my iphone telling me how many things I havent done yet!!