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Mark & Jens first jam…

Jens and I had our first jam. We played continuously for a few hours. Some very cool moments. The room is VERY small and difficult to set up in, but weirdly has a good sound. We didn’t bother recording anything in-case we focused on recording too much, but I stuck the H4 on for the last 15 minutes.

Heres one of them, completely un-edited, apart from running it though SoundBooth to try to remove a little room “klang”.

I think this will work, we just need to practice a lot, and need a name… I want something serious, but open and positive sounding. Not dark, not genre specific. Not techno, not geeky, but technical is OK.


Music and how it is currently distributed.

This depressing chart I wanted to post on my blog, just so I remember it. My friend Andy pointed out that maybe Spotify is not THAT bad, as its more correct to think of it as radio, and not as a sale, and you get paid everytime they play something, not just once per sale… still bad cash tho… Was better in the old days… like last week…

My Birthday!

Had a lovely birthday yesterday, being a little hungover from the “office party” the nigh before, I got to stay in bed! I got lots of nice books on game music composing from Hilde, and a film District 9 [DVD] [2009]
Then she took the kids out, allowing me some time to make lots of loopy noise, with my new and increasingly interesting laptop solution…
Then Hilde cook a lovely meal of my favorite Norsk food. Thats Pinne Kjøtt med Kalorabi Stappe… MMMmmmmm!!
Then a game of Dominion and bed again.. a lovely day!