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Had an amazing night in Spykkeskjærnhytte, it was MINUS 28 and I had to wake every hour to put logs on the fire… luckily the iPhone didnt run out of batteries, and the alarm worked, or we would all be dead by now.. or at least cryogenically frozen.
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Space Game Idea

A Multi User space game based loosely on Elite.
Trading items in a relatively safe Solar System, to build, buy, borrow and steal “upgrades” for your spaceship, then to travel beyond, to ever more exiting and dangerous missions. Back story develops about defeating Humans, and once a month there is a multi user battle. (?)

Design style is Clangers meets Heath Robinson meets Steam Punk Lego.
Build a ship.

Ships need A Hull, a Propulsion system, a handle (steering system) and minimum… a chair to sit on. These are called “upgrades”.
There are MANY (as in hundreds) of additional “upgrades” one can fit to your craft.
Each Race has a different model of every upgrade. Its very unlikely that you will manage to purchase the required upgrades for your ship from the same race, the upgrades that do not match (that they connect to) they will work less efficiently.

Nodes: All upgrades have a number of nodes where items can be fitted. Infact one can buy/fit a “Node-Bay” that provides more nodes. Most items have 2 nodes to items CAN be “stacked” but that will result in less efficiency also, as (like USB) they will both share a power inlet. (maybe add something about instability too)

Depending on which Race you wish to be, depends on which Hull you initially get, Hulls are only available at the Host Planet for each race.

What you fit to your craft determines how you make your money.
Options are. Piracy, Bounty Hunting, Trading, Mining, Space Salvage, Guarding, Conquering, Policing. All can do multiple jobs, however Policing requires a clean record, (that can be bought at higher levels.

Visit Planets

In the first Solar System There is one Planet for each of the main Races, plus a few Moons, totalling 10. At the start of the game you are walking about on the surface of your planet. Like the Clangers Planet, its perfectly possible to walk completely around the planet, the planet dos the turning while we are relatively centralized.. ( I think) Most planets simply have a dock for space ships on the surface, We enter the planet via doorways and via a cut scene are then in an environment where we have normal gravity. We can chat to all of our own race, but to talk to other races must purchase a translator.


On the interior of the planet, is where we can do deals and make purchases. This is Person to computer not person to person, although it IS possible to SWAP items with another player when we dock with one another in space.

One of the first thing one will want to buy is a hold, to carry good in… unfortunately you cant afford one, so your first few trips, must be… simply delivering an alien item to to its home planet (where it will get a higher price, cos it will work with the hulls better). Navigation is harder because you don’t have a nav computer, and handling is… well “by hand”… This is because its important to have the user get the feel for “By Hand” flying as you are more maneuverable and its better in a battle, but for long distance navigation, its better to program it.

Upon arrival at the first planet, you will notice that all text is unreadable, hence translation device. You can buy one at the door, this will reduce your profit, but the next time you visit this planet, you will be all set.

First you fit a translation device, then a hold, so you can buy goods as well as upgrades. Goods are a limited group of items (like in Elite)
Food, Clothing, Fuel, Gold, Ore, Passengers, Weapons, Art, Slaves. Only Slaves are actually illegal, but there are restrictions on Weapons too. You can also buy upgrades and NOT fit them, The hold has a capacity, measured in ITEMS. an item refers to ONE THING whether an “upgrade” or a “goods load”. So you can mix n Match in your hold, anyway they are bought and sold at the same place, The legal goods are always available, the illegal and upgrades are dynamic. the good/upgrades are loaded automatically onto your ship into the hold. you must then return to your ship, where you CAN choose to “fit an upgrade” that has been loaded into the hold, this will free up space, so you may return for more, before taking flight.

The Races

There are 6 races: The Greys, The Little Green Men, The Elves, The Swifts, The Daft, and The Majestic and Honourable Gogons of Rahn (Self named). They all hate each other, and out side of this solar system they may even fight one another, although it is strictly forbidden. All Races have one good profession the Police, and They will police ANYONE from any race, even their own. Its is NOT worth breaking the law within the confines of the Solar System.

The Enemy. There is one more race, that users cannot become. they are feared by all and as yet have not ventured withing the confines of this solar system. they are called… The Humans! (But more normally referred to as those smelly blotchy noisy nose-picking fleshy things.

For younger kids. 8 to 18 yr olds.

Robert Coleman RIP

Im very down today, I had some bad news that a good friend of mine just took his own life.
Rob Coleman was a brilliant artist, and was actually responsible for all of the early Cranes records artwork, the first 2 albums “Wings of Joy” Self Non Self . There were also a lot of singles and EPs in the early days (was a typical way to break indie bands back then) and his artwork for tracks like Espero and Tommorows tears, Adoration and the first ever single Inescapable were really part of the early marketing of the band, and had alot to say about where we were places as “dark” and “artistic”, ok I say it Goth band. By the third album he suddenly refused to do them anymore, was a surprise at the time, but now I think it might have been stress issues. His partner Heather and him had an almost enviable and single-minded life-style, of hard work and artistic endeavor, being both lecturers at Portsmouth University, they renovated their houses by hand, and Rob became an expert craftsman in all that he did.
I’m sure he had no idea but when we were at art college together, he was quite a mentor for me, and taught me a lot about printing and photography.
Ill miss him.