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A minutes Silence- Norway Restarts

I have just run down to the local church to participate in the one minute silence for the dead at Utøya and Oslo. It was a slightly weird experience actually, so I thought I would write about it.
I was a little late and as I approached the church it became 12 o-clock. Everything stopped.. and I mean everything. Cars, busses, people walking on the pavement. At the precise moment, I was passing some workmen, one of them stubbed out his cigarette and said “Et minute?” They all stopped working. I peeked into a supermarket as I passed by and saw a shop full of standing people with their heads bowed. The cashiers paused in mid-transaction. Some shopkeepers had decided t some out onto the street. The owners of the Pakistani Restaurant were there, still and quiet. A man was about to cross the street had stopped with one foot on the zebra crossing! I even saw to teenage boys standing still at either end of the concrete table tennis table outside the community center.
I must saw I felt a little guilty to be the only one walking, or moving at all. It was so quiet, I could hear my own footsteps. I was reminded of the bit in Trumans Show where Truman has disappeared and all the actors are standing ready to act. and some one says “First positions everyone!”
I entered the church and stood quietly at the back foar a few seconds before the minute was up. when people began to move slowly out of the pews and out of the church.
Outside the church, everything was back to normal, almost like nothing had ever happened.
It felt to me that every since Friday, Norway has been working erratically and people have been wondering how to mourn, although the televising of the service in Dom-kirke was very moving. This one minutes silence was like a computer restart. Norway just had to start up again.
I hope and believe that Norway will actually be stronger and even more democratic country than before, the Norwegian people dont want to go the way of the UK and the US, and rather than accept changes to the constitution in the name of national security, I believe that they will fight against the changes that the man behind this would have wanted, and that any intolerance towards our Muslim inhabitants will finally disappear.


We were in Denmark when we heard the news from Benjamin, it was his birthday and we were calling to greet him.
We returned on Sunday to a changed Oslo. I cant RE-write all the things Ive written on posts, but will paste a few thoughts here.

Mark Courtney Francombe
Waiting In Danish hotel to return to a changed Oslo In the morning. Shocked… Not possible to comprehend the pointlessness and stupidity of one man with a warped belief.
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Kat Borgen Good luck. Glad you’re safe, hope H&N are with you.
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Tim Nelson Glad you’ve checked in; knew it wasn’t likely you’d been directly involved, but still…
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Jim Goodin Mark echoing Tim. Glad you and your family are safe. I’m just about to post an audio newsreel piece for Norway on ImprovFriday and will echo on the Wall.
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Nick Elborough Good to see you are OK
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Candie Baker Glad you are all OK hun x
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James Dolan I blame Charlton Heston
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Fiona DaBeba McDougall Just glad you’re all safe ♥
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mark francombe via to David
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Hi Dave.. Sorry to hear that you have split up and wont be over… hope we can meet up at some point, be nice to have a few reminiscing beers… thanksfully we were out of the country when the shooting and bombing occurred, on holiday in Denmark. so we are all OK. Today we are planning to take a trip downtown (with thousands of others) to lay flowers near the bombsite.. Its a horrible thing that this guy did and of course Norway is struggling to understand why. On the one hand he is obvious a psychopath and totally deranged, but of course the wheels of justice want him to be sane and responsible, so he doesnt get the “easy option” of mental hospital. He will surely be killed in prison… he certainly expected to be on Friday, so that is why he left a 1500 page book explaining himself… unfortunatley is the ramblings of a madman so its doesnt help much…

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thx Rick, keeping this off list.

No we dont know anybody directly killed thankfully. however its is very likely that we know someone thru someone.
Everyone was in tears during the televising of the church service yesterday when the prime minister cried at the pulpit as he mentioned a few names that were killed. As it was a camp for teenagers engaged in Arbeider Party politics (Labour party – or democrats if you will) he knew many of the kids personally.
He mentioned a young boy of 15 called Tore, who had amazed everyone at party rallies with his rousing speeches. He was hotly tipped to be a future Prime Minister.
We are off downtown soon to lay flowers, but its difficult to know what to tell the kid. But we have basically decided that we should not keep it from him.
Its a horrible thing but Im sure that the mans aim has back-fired. He has managed to strengthen the Norwegian community, and the Labour Party, and will surely bring a stronger left wing, with greater tolorance towards muslims, not the oposite, as was his wish.
However all his so called beliefs were surely a smoke screen, for a psycho who just wanted to go on a killing spree, I suspect that the political beliefs were just a vague motivation for him, not the real issue.



The music of Pi

I thought it was interesting to discover that there alot of music done using Pi. Obvious really, but its a very interesting debate about copyright when the piece is based on a number created by nature. I suppose there is some artistic creation going on at the point when the notes are ascribed to numbers. In this video he goes C0 1 D = 2, well one would get a different result if you made C=1 and Dflat = 2

And heres a video about the controversy: She explains the translation as a regular adopted scale.

Im going to learn these notes