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Modul8 Course with Ilan Katin

Today I attended a course on Modul8 with Ilan Katin. He is a bit of a guru in the program and paid by them as a regular walking advertisement.
Modul8 did not immediately grab me when I did my program comparisons a while back, and instead I was drawn to the maybe more professional “looking” Resolume Avenue.
This is because I am very interested in Quartz composer too. And the great thing about Resolume (stupid name, Im gonna call it Rezz from now on) is that it imports QC files and by adding a input splitter module in QC for all parameter you want to tweak live, you can get control of your QC patch in Rezz. Which is very nice.
Now having said that, at the hands of an expert, Modul8 was amazing and the course was great too, he quickly ran through the basics, but got deep pretty quickly. Funny guy, he said right out what things he likes and what things he doesnt, and I suspected when he said he didnt like something, I slightly suspected that Modul8 didnt DO THAT too well!

I was bowled over by, and here come some screenshots, the ability to make a 3D mesh out of any image, based on a grey-scale height-map (whiter means higher).

The built in particle effects, and the audio analysis tools. especially on the 3D-ified images…

I discovered that Modul8 DOES accept QC files, and one of mine popped in OK,, bt didbt LOOK that good, kind of over contrasty, but need to check that, might just be settings, but none of the controls are anywhere to be found, Ilan said, Well you can, but its difficult… ” Hmm maybe doesnt work…

Also, he kept saying, “Oh.. thats a bug, dunno when Jason (made up name cant remember) will fix that” or ” Yeah…its always done that with me too” or “Hmm thats just a quirk of the software”..

Well thats exactly what I think/thought of Modul8 actually… cool but quirky…

There is a Mad Mapper course tommorrow, that i now wish I had gone to. Mad Mapper is pretty simple program, but its not what you learn about software at these things, its seeing what other people do with it.. Video Mapping is pretty new to me, but its certainly intriguing, and if I can get a projector for my birthday (hint hint Hilde!!!) I might have a go at it… I wonder if there’s any battery operated projectors… It would be great to go out and do stuff in the snow!

Live Visuals

Heres a set of screenshots from my recent experiments in Quartz Composer and Resolume… nifty huh?

Trying Final Cut X

OK, so its been sitting in my dock for a few months, teasing me to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Oh my, what a roller coaster! First we were all blown away by the look of it in pre release teaser films, then disappointed when it seemed to be a new version of iMovie, with no use to us professional editors, turning to pissed off when we realized that Apple had dumped a product, a wonderful perfect product, that we earned our living by, followed by the worries that come with that
“Can I learn Premier in time?”
“Is Avid still around?”
“Do I have to go PC?”
“Can I still use Final Cut 7?”
“Will they continue to support that?”

So then comes along a pithy update, and some of the fears begin to fade,… phew.. its all gonna be OK? They are gonna fix everything are they?
Yes we can now import old projects, and gone is some of the immediate iMovie nonsense.

So I dive in, feeling hopeful, positive and optimistic! Seeing as the guy died an all…
With some grungy old footage taken with the wonderful 8mm app for iPhone…
After some initial worries where I dont seem to be able to save a project anywhere other than Macintosh HD, (in fact no SAVE button at all,, WTF!!!) I cheat by moving the projects from some godawful directory… (I dunno something like My Final Cut Movies, and it insisting on calling everything “events”. My fucking shooting days aren’t fucking weddings and funerals you know, just shoots!!!) … I move the directory by hand, to an external LaCie disk. It works despite me deleting all the silly sub directories, I relaunch FCX.

Down to editing… And this is where the review really starts…
… no it doesn’t.. its HORRIBLE; just awful, cant find anything, no effects as far as I can see, pre made titles, all the clips insist on sticking together, like its a editing program on my fucking iPhone…


IT IS AS BAD AS I THOUGHT.. no.. sorry MUCH MUCH WORSE:. I really cant be bothered to write any more, Im so depressed… Im doomed… doomed! Message to Apple, I’m sticking with Final Cut 7, lovely wonderful Final Cut 7… when that’s completely out of date, or YOU guys put an update in the OS that means that it doesn’t work anymore, then I’m off to become a painter, or a farmer, or something else where I can basically be alone, and not have to deal with fucking idiots… in fact my brand spanking new Mac Book Pro is looking a bit grumpy now… having just written about its maker like this… fucking shut up you piece of silver shit!
Steve Jobs…I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone, but I dunno, I would have died of embarrassment!

Terry Carter

I’m pretty proud to be working so much with Terry Carter, 83 yr old Hollywood star, from Foxy Brown, Battlestar Gallactica, Sgt Bilco. I hope I am as healthy, sprightly, with-it and geeky, as he is when I’m his age!

Photographed in Brick Lane

As I was walking down Brick Lane over the weekend, and guy jumped out and asked to take my photo. I asked him to send it to me.

My friend Grete took this one as it was going on.

Apparently a photography student, Yichen Jin appears to be a very accomplished new photographer, I like his work very much.
Check him out and give him work!