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Missing Link + TouchOSC = HAPPY!!!

I just got the Missing Link from Jabrudian Industries. What a wonderful and incredible bit of brilliance!
It just worked, right out of the box.. (after following the destructions on the site). I had made a very cool interface for my Repeater using TouchOSC Editor within 20 minutes, uploaded it to my iPhone and it just worked!!! So heres the stuff..
First a pic…

So It looks very cool!
First you have to get TouchOSC onto your iPhone:
Then you get TouchOSC editor:
Then you get your manual and look up the CCs or PGM CHGs, or Midi Notes you need:
Then you open TouchOSC editor and make your design for elements you need:
Then you go to Bernards little program here:
Add the “string” to your design elements.
Press Sync on the editor
Open Touch OSC on the iPhone, go where you can choose layouts and click ADD, your iphone must be on the same wifi net as your data machine, and you will see it… click it and Voila! Its on your iphone…

So heres a demo, done on the Repeater, 4 rhythm tracks completely operated from across the room, all the fades, pans and all the pitching is done using Touch>>missing link, OK I do manipulate the Tempo knob in the middle, to get that nice Repeater artifact stuff happening, OH.. and I admit I got carried away and did some Kaos Padding on top… but the rest was totally TouchOSC… Oh and the aquaduct, and the roads… and peace!

RepeatTouch by markfrancombe

Anyway, if you want it, heres the TouchOSC Repeater layout but its pretty minimal right now, just a one page mixer and one page for pitch shifting…

In-game acting

I thought this was an interesting video that shows an actress who does the voice and motion capture of a character in a game, plying herself in-game for the first time.. shes a bit giggly, but I guess I would be too…