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Enjoying the View!

Occasionally the camera pauses on some random view of the game, and I have to take a screenshot… bit like stopping the car to take a picture.. its nice to stand back and say to ones-self.. “you made that Slartibartfast!”

Why is my fog disappearing?

Im using Uni-Storm to do the day/night cycle and weather system, and Im very pleased with the result, but now IM having this issue, fog disappearing after 10 seconds or so…


Why is my bus sliding?

Video demonstrating that I cant get iTween Path to work for me. I am simply trying to get the bus to drive along the road!
WHAT IS THE BEST WAY OF DOING THIS??? Its only a cut-scene, no interactivity…! !! Using the normal animation screen results in the bus nose diving thru the geometry. Using iTween I thought I would be able to “drag” the bus around the road… like from a sphere attached to the path, that is connected by a hinge-joint.. but that doesn’t work.. well its SORT of does.. but…