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Hill Designs

Each Hill will be totally different, some urbane, some in wonderful wooded glens. Some will have elements that will move, like sliding blocks, or moving staircases. Some will be surrounded by fire, or water.
There will always be the hint that “you are being watched”

Here are a few Hill designs I’ve been tinkering with.
Lovely and Pastoral – Birds singing, music, classical..

Screw Head Hill, always turning, screwing upward… music, crazy circus organ…

Moving Blocks, Constantly rearranging themselves… music.. techno…

Slippery spikes in the sea, “What are there loads of duplicated spikes, fall in water if you don’t CONSTANTLY run up the hill, music: ???

Shit Hill… Just fucking grim, wet.. rain, barbed wire,

It Lives! It Lives!

My Golum is finally in Unity I basically followed the Mecanim tutorial to add some animations, and do blend trees for walks and runs, a jump, but I dont have any punching animations, gotta get one.
BUT, I dont know what to do next! I cannot get this to work with the old character controller (WASD Space) and although my character Idles (oh yes an idle animation) when in game, I have NO IDEA how to get that linked to keyboard strokes.
It seems to be more aimed at console users, cos then you need SPEED as a controller, as the stick has a varied position from stopped to running, wheras on a PC, its usually an extra key that causes a run.

Golum from Mark Francombe on Vimeo.

I notice my mans feet are going thru the floor… hmm… is that bad?Autodesk Maya 2010_ _Users_markfrancombe_Dropbox_King of the Hill_Maya_KOTH010.mb

Doing a gig with Damo Suzuki

damo3-001_medJust thought I’d better post something about this… gonna do a gig with the Ex Singer of CAN.. on Feb 7th..
For a few years now Damo Suzuki (How old can he be now? 65-70ish?) has been touring, with NO band, relying on the fact that pretty much ever city in the world has at least one band who like Can. Last time he played Oslo, Hilde an I went to see him, backed by Salvatore. It was good, if a little long. We lefts after and hour and a half when he said “Lets have a 15 minute break?”
Anyway Salvatore are no more, but now Leon, formaly of that band has put together a band to accompany Mr Suzuki when he comes…

Anyway, heres the teaser to the documentary film!

Neverendin Movie teaser from FDiLoretoF38F on Vimeo.