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FPS grumbles.. And nice church!

Unity 5

Well the church is certainly getting somewhere now, nice lights, moonlight shining onto the floor, (I love using spotlight cookies)
a few flickering candles (hand made particles?… and pretty ok light map..
Unity Geeks… Please come with suggestions?
Lower textures res?
Theres about 1000 trees that you cant see outside… Is that a problem?
Is the church too heavy at 8600 tris? (built in quads of course!)
Theres some serious snowing going on outside, so more particles?
Or.. is it all the terrain?
Or simply time for a new computer?

Time to test…

The Church

Things to do: need a pulpit. a small kneeling rail at front, and to stop the snow and rain falling through the roof…, also want to do a sound thing, so that when you are inside the sound of the storm is muffled, have to see how I can interact with the built in sounds of UniStorm.

Beginning to look quite spooky outside the church now... this is a good thing... no zombies though... not in this game... I think
Beginning to look quite spooky outside the church now… this is a good thing… no zombies though… not in this game… I think
The church interior, now with altar!
The church interior, now with altar!