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Today I made an interactive cursor and made it possible to click on the door of the hospital, and go inside. Unfortunately we ended up in a corridor round the corner… but still… my first scene loading..


I hate perfectionists. I’m not one. And if theres one thing I hate more than perfectionists, its people that say,
“Oh I’m a bit of a perfectionist!”
YOU CAN’T SAY THAT!! Not about yourself! Others can say it about you, you arrogant fuck!
“oh he’s a bit of a perfectionist”
Which in my world means, he’s an untalented, control freak, who thinks he’s better than you.
He no doubt thinks it sounds like..
“Please excuse my picky criticism, I know Im annoying, but still, I’d like you to forgive me, just this once because I can’t help who I am”
Fuck off anal dick!
I’m a jammer, I jam most things, almost NEVER plan things. IM not saying thats a better way that being someone who DOES plan things, but I just dont KNOW enough in advance to understand what is right.
In music, Ive been a jammer all my life, just start playing, after a bit, something happens, and you go with it, and most of it is good, but the bits that arn’t, well its was improvised wasn’t it, what do you expect? At work, I tend to dive in to an edit, no plan, just start, no logging, no storyboards. And very interestingly now with my current computer game, I just dived in. Built some stuff, built some more stuff, and as I go, I refine, and change. No real plan, infact, after about 1000 hours on this thing, I still don’t know the end. I have a few ideas, but they create more loose ends than answers.
So far its this basic concept.
1. Start
2. Get told what to do
3. If you do it, you end up playing a boring game but stay alive.
4. If you break the rules and do something else, you have adventures, but ultimately lose.
Its going to be far from perfect. IF (and its a big if) IF I ever finish it, I hope and think it will be the sort of game that people go…
“What the fuck is this?” And most probably if they ask me, Ill say…
“No Idea! Did you enjoy it?”