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Martin and me have made a new band, called Electricity. And it the first band I have ever been in where Im not playing guitar!
I have loved synths all my life, and have got a small but well functioning Modular system (Out of date info here) But Ive always been a bit afraid to play live with it. Now I will! With the slight (ever so slight, he’s a loose cannon) safety net of Martins mono-synth drones and tapes and theramin wibbles, Ill be able to do what I enjoy the most, analog sequencing, and subtle tweaking, for hours if ness!
Who knows what it will sound like? Not me for starters… but the basic idea at the strat was early Cabaret Voltaire meets early Human League, but with a bit of up to date, noisey droney glitchy stuff. But that could mean anything really… so..


Oyster.. etc!photo_martin_edit