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Old Ordo ab Khao pic found

Thanks to Nick Wheeler for this photo, showing Me and James Dolan In the early days of Ordo ab Khao, here in the studio holding props. The big model of Sir Eel, and me holding the machine of life, from My film “Homonculus”


Finally Plant, the first Electricity album is out!
Available from all fine Blogs!

Mark Francombe albums now playable in the car!

Covers for sale
The previous decades CDs will not be sold in the physical dimension anymore, but you may continue to purchase ethereal versions via the International Web of woe.
If you wished to bring again the audio back from the dark side and into the real world, you can, by burning your own copy and wrapping it in real, warm, and strong cardboard, still ever so slightly smelling of ink.
Or, in other words.. I have hundreds of covers left… want one? Either think of it as buying a cover, with a free download album thrown in, Or as a download album where you get sent a cover…
Here are the albums that now offer this.

Sme Sngs An album of songs where I sing!

Before the debut album by Electricity comes out I wanted to clear out the hard drive of some dust and cam across a few tracks that had never been put anywhere. Most are unique, most are old, but all of them were still pretty good.
Anyway.. seeing as you are here you can listen for free, but please go to bandcamp and buy it… hell you can buy some other stuff.. up to NINE albums of weird from your delectation there now…