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Cranes Assago Forum

I’m really not sure if I have ever seen this video before. Anyway… pretty ok sound, but yet another shaky VHS. Love it… still makes me nervous when I hear that Wings of Desire music.

Back in AltSpace

Despite being a bit pissed off that AltSpace deleted my Home Room… (I think) which was a quite modified version of “HighRise” I spent the evening back in there and walked through the Halloween world, and re-visited the Burning man world.

First Impressions – Oculus Quest 2

So the Quest 2 turned up.

Extremely happy with it, simple set-up amazing screen, quite comfortable but VERY heavy.
I knew this beforehand, and had also got the “Elite strap”, a comfort add-on made of hard plastic, and an extra battery on the back that should counter-weight the headset. It does, but THAT’S also heavy. So now it sits in place, but the amount of pressure on your nose and cheek, it pretty hard.
Enough of that, I was interested to see the on-board cameras, how being able to see “The real world from inside the headset would be. Seems strange, “just take off the headset!” I hear you cry, however it’s important as its the first steps to having integrated and affordable AR, and works well with the guardian system, how when you go outside upr pre-defined “play area” it fade in the real world is amazing and very cool., as well as being a safety feature.

The really new thing for me was having proper hand controllers, which IS amazing. I’ve went from the Rift, without touch controllers to the Go! with a single hand controller (which I thought was fine actually, loved my Oculus Go), but these are fantastic. It is interesting how, soon you DO get used to making (virtual) fists of pointing, based on button presses you are making… but then comes… hand control… Not MUCH more than a test or proof of concept at the moment, its crazy how the camera can see you hands and turn them into on screen hands, and that simple pinch gestures could act as button pressing and scrolling, but it works, and if that gets just a bit better, I CAN now see us just getting rid of controllers altogether. AND, I can see how typing a virtual keyboard can work.

And finally.. Beat Saber.. ha ha… me and Nikolas played it all evening!

Box of photo booth pics

Tidying up I came across a old tobacco tin, inside was a quite illuminating collection of photo booth pics.

Meeting in VR

As part of the new regime at my new merged company TASK, We have a small group dedicated to investigating “The Future”. Called Future Labs.
We had our first meeting completely in VR yesterday. It went well. Unfortunately the contents of the said meeting are secret.
Here’s the Selfie!