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Am I doing too much?

The “too many projects, get nothing done” syndrome?

I’m getting a bit stressed out, that none of my projects are really going anywhere. I really take on too much and am interested in too many things! Some of my friends in the looping community are doing great things, but they are so dedicated to that one thing.
The cruz of the matter is that I only have about 2 hours each day to do anything (after work, cooking, kids) not enough time for one of them let alone all of them!

I need to list them and see what it looks like on paper (screen), and maybe analyze the problem a bit.

Aunty, The computer game
The “too far from finishing” problem, and the “its taken too long already” problem. But this project really has to take priority as so much time and especially thinking has being invested in this. Plus I have half this progrect given away to James to do, as I can’t program. This is a problem for me because I realise I am a total control freak, and want to do everything myself, so when I can’t, or when I have to wait for others to do stuff, I lose interest.
Solution? Some small parts of the game maybe could be programed by me, (one off dreams sequences, or small game modules). Especially as there are now some visual programming plug-ins for Unity. Theres Uscript and PlayMaker both look cool, but both cost 100 dollars and I cant tell from reading about them which might be for me. Second problem is that I dont want to step on James toes.
The iPhone game
I’m teaching myself another game system, Games Salad, which is more for iPhone games (well ist n ot, but thats waht Im interested in) that involves programming in a more graphical way that I can understand. Im having a lot of fun, making a nasty little Wasp Torturing game… In order to test it I will have to pay to be an iPhone developer, which I intend to do, but its a bit of a learning curve, but not with coding, and I like the way it is put together. Mostly tis is gonna be useful at work, or is it? not really, cos when it comes to doing iPhone stuff at work, it wont be me who does it, but one of the programmers, but I like to keep my hand in, so they say… Also Im looking into the possibility that I can make weird music apps, basically my tracks with visuals, or toys, to sell instead of mp3s
Digital Visuals
Kind of a new thing this, Im hesitant to say VJ visuals, because, on the whole I hate most VJ style stuff. But as I have been interested in synchronizing Sound and Vision since being a kid (read my Art College Essay on Synaesthesia here and as a result of my new music project with a couple of other loopers, I am trying to learn how to make some digital, visuals that are created by the music. For this Im learning Quartz Composer, which is really fun, and trying to decide which host to run it in, either VDMX (hardcore and complex, but the real deal, for grown-ups) or Resolume (probably has everything I need). But its a fuck of a lot to learn. Quartz is another visual programming tool, like msp or Mulch, with nodes and plugins, and both VDMX and Resolume are huge complex programs… Phew…
Film Music
I have a film to score, waiting for the edit now, but I know that I should really be working on beds and character themes and sound sets… but should go ok when I see something.
The music – new band – looping
Actually is the only thing Im not at all stressed by, is just relaxing for me, to play with people or alone…

So what to do… prioritize or carry on battling with all, revolving my precious few hours when Im not working to so an hour here and an hour there… I just dont know…

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