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Project 23

Heres the video for the track I made for the Loopers Delight Compilation.


It’s been a few years since the last LD compilation, and here it is!
The latest installment!

44 tracks!

Documenting VR

I’ve just started a permanent page on the site where I’m going to collect some of my visits to VR events.
Well someone has to…

Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is a system for keeping the same avatare over many apps. Whihc I approve of. I sont suppose anyone would agree, but I like that you could create you own in VR persona, that you keep, and can be recognised.
Unfortunately the Ready Player Me avatoars are a all a bit young looking and to much like Fortnote, but still, its a great idea…
Tis looks more like Justin Beiber than me for example… but ok… here I am…

Motion Control system finally finished!

So on what would have been my Dads 85th birthday, I finally finished and got working the Mo Co system.
Still a few tweaks to go, but here’s the very first test, thanks to Ulf for filming!

3d printing

I got a 3D printer for my birthday from Hilde, so Im begginning to produce stuff for my animation project. As of now still a bit of a secret, will reveal soon, but needs its own site/category so is some work).
Heres a tid-bit. The main character is a girl called Equiss. She has blue hair and is a bit of a grumpy teenager. I dont think there will be much talking, and Im not aiming for top shelf animation here, more arty-farty style, however I was keen to try out head replacement. So here’s a video of me preparing 9 variations of heads for this character.


I’m working on a VR city called Virtropolis.

Going into AltSPace from Immersed

#Immersed is a VR platform which enables you t view and work on your computer desktops. AltSpace is a platform for meeting people and events in VR. Here I go into AltSpace from a screen that is showing in Immersed… kind of VR inside of VR.