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A selection of my pretty lo fi, arty farty films. If not shot on phones and stuff, they are useually thrown together as fast as possible, certainly filmed, edited and uploaded in the same day…


Super 8 Film
I originally shot this sometime between 1987 and 1989. Dole film depicts the somewhat grim but productive life of a lonely artist on the great British institution that is “The Dole”.
In its day it was accompanied by various tape-loops playing backwards and at the wrong speed on multiple reel to reel tape machines. These loops were lost eons ago, so I searched my recent recordings and found one that simply had the correct length. Its called “day 2 track 1 part 1” and it was recorded live, with Faustine Ferrar singing, also live, in Paris while I was in Oslo. The wonders of the internet!

DOLE FILM from Mark Francombe on Vimeo.


Lo Fi Film

The film was shot in complete darkness, in 2 takes, using an old Panasonic Video Camera, with infra red night vision. Part 1 was speeded up part 2 was slowed down.
The material is glow in the dark Fimo, and the objects in Part 1 were hardened in the oven after the film was made.
They will be available in a later artwork.

Music is called 01-090102_2156.wav which just happens to be the name my computer gave it, a tad unimaginative if you ask me, but there you go. Using a baritone guitar, an edp and repeater for looping, the edp is being pitch shifted by a Roland EF303 which is at the same time sending CC´s to the repeater to mute tracks randomly. The distortion is from a Alesis Bitrman and the Voices from a Roland GR30

Psychedelic Visuals

I am having lots of fun designing the video projection for my 30 minute performance at Y2K-X in Santa Cruz and 2 weeks time (Sunday 17th 10.30 Pearl Alley Studios). As I have decided that something in the performance will be influenced by psychedelia, I am trying to ( dunno what I mean by “trying”… its easy…) make a trippy 30 minute film.

Im working with the strobe effect that I was experimenting with in video back in the 80´s, and re-discovered for the “driving film” Vang Drive (see prev post). The theory that I was working on was that if you flash the frames in negative/positive in front of the eyes, the ends of your eye rods dont have time to aclimatise themselves to being, black for example before they are given white to process… this makes vision difficult and unstable. THEN if you introduce a static NON strobed element to the composition infront of the flashing, it will kind of float out of the screen IN FRONT… this is because the eye will try to give this element prescience over the instability of the strobing.

Anyway I started out with such lofty ideas… 15 layers of flashing later (Im using stock footage as source material, mostely a huge collection of grunge film, leader film, scratches etc.) its looking LOVELY…

So now Im trying to render it… except that the fucking thing keeps crashing.. damn it! It says I have some frames out of bounds and 6k pixels or something, except I dont.. unless its doing something behind the scenes… Grrr.

Anyway, heres some screen shots…

Vang Drive – A new film by me

A time-lapse drive film from Vang in Valdres Kommune in Norway to Oslo. Shot on an iPhone using ilapse software.
Colour manipulation and picture degradation in Final Cut Pro using magic bullet “looks” and Blink.

NOTE: strobe effects are employed in the film, if UN-affected by strobe, please watch full-screen, as close as possible.

Music is “Grizzle”, from the album “The last Vestiges of Taste” available from:​album/​the-last-vestiges-of-taste

My music on a weird film from Brazil

A track that I had posted on my page at FREESOUND, that was called Koran Cats and Kids, has been used on this film by bagadefente in Brazil!!!

HURRAH, funny film too.. half the sound is from MY track, (including ominous out of tune piano, and pitch shift child, which I think is my step-granddaughter Lona) and the other half is a recording of a children´s toy… that actually we have too!! ha ha!!!


I´m pretty prolific now huh? This movie was shot late in 2007, and the music comes from last year sometime. The whole edit took about 2 hours, and most of that was colourising. I am very proud of it, I love to throw things together and see what magical things happen. In this case we start with various shots of show, including one timelapse shot where I went outside and dumped the camera on the car roof. Look closely and you can se the heat of the camera melt the snow, and “settle the camera”. There is footage shot on my tram ride to work, and it culminates in shots of the chrismas tree. So we can say that this film shows the last day before Christmas.

SNOW from Mark Francombe on Vimeo.