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Most of my art is what I call Kipple…

NEW Ordo Ab Chao Site

I decided to divide off my computer games and film stuff off onto new site, Ill continue to update om misc things blog style here, but I needed a less messy container for my more serious experiments into computer games and VR. Im hoping sometime to get some funding for this art, and infact to get some of my old films onto digital format for re-showing them, so they are included on the new site as well.
The site is called


Kipple, Carvings and Crosses.
Today I had my exhibition at Nesoddparken!
I was very surprised at how many came and that some braved the Norwegian seas and came over from Oslo. I set up a table so children could make their own kipple and that was also very successful!
I got a lot of nice comments and people seemed to like it a lot
Guri Guri Henriksen and team put on a fantastic shadow theatre show in the “project room” that was extremely well received, we had a class from the local school visiting the artists studios, and attending a painting course… Today Nesodparken felt just like Portsmouth Art College circa 1983!!!

Special thanks to Mark Steiner who did all the fiddly Facebook event stuff, and certainly contributed to the attendance, and also Trine Brandeggen who helped me organise and mount the stuff on Friday, and finally my lovely wife Hilde, who puts up with Kipple on a daily basis…

The exhibition is now showing for nearly a month, and a Sunday visit is recommended due to open café, and various events!
Reminder, (nearly) EVERYTHING is for sale, just sms me, on the number on the price-list and stick a little heart shaped sticker on the one you want, thus “bagging” it.

Wooden People Update

I have been working on the Wooden people a lot recently, due to having had my knee operation. The people are all but finished, just need to make their boxes. Of course, everything “mark-ish has to come in a box. This tim I might make it that the people CAN be removed from the box. Not sure exactly what they will look like, But Im thinking simple wooden and stain wood, with doors, small windows, where you can “see through” to the faces maybe? Also IM investigating the technique of Laser cutting so i can maybe burn lots of text onto the outside… This is a secret though..

New Studio!

I have gotten myself a studio at Nesoddparken. Its a amazing room, in fact a bit too amazing, hoping for a cheaper one when one comes up… somewhat annoying that no sooner have I moved in, than I have to got to hospital for my knee operation. Darn it!

Mostly Im going to be doing my modular music there, but Ive really been enjoying the wooden people so maybe It will kick start my art stuff too…

New Sculptures

I am working on a new series of Kipple. Called the wooden men.
Each man is being hand carved, painted and will be in boxes.
All the wood comes from driftwood found on the shores of Nesodden, or waste wood from my chippy neighbour.
Anyway, heres some WIP.

tango film

Just found this on my hard-drive. By Zbigniew Rybczyński, its totally wonderful. made by painting thousands of hand made film mattes, no computers here… I wonder if I get a please remove this film message? Its seems to be rather difficult to find online.
[hdplay id=1]
This film, although a bit boring in truth, seriously influenced me as a young experimental film-maker. The fact that a very complex idea could be carried out, by hand, from start to finish, by one man, was very appealing. It encouraged me to do the same. I could never have completed something as vast as this, but I did spend some time producing film “by hand” That is to say, I shot black and white negative film, developed it by hand in an old Russian dev tank (I still have it) then constructed my own printer out of an old Bolex, where I cut a slot for the negative to enter, shone a light in the lens , and developed the resulting film. THEN applying hand made dyes to it… I did many hours of experiments of this, nothing survives. apart from a tiny bit at the end of Mise en Scene. The Cranes online documentary I made.

About the film Tango. This is snagged from the directors own pages here, I will take it down if he complains.

“Thirty-six characters from different stages of life – representations of different times – interact in one room, moving in loops, observed by a static camera. I had to draw and paint about 16.000 cell-mattes, and make several hundred thousand exposures on an optical printer. It took a full seven months, sixteen hours per day, to make the piece. The miracle is that the negative got through the process with only minor damage, and I made less than one hundred mathematical mistakes out of several hundred thousand possibilities. In the final result, there are plenty of flaws ® black lines are visible around humans, jitters caused by the instability of film material resulting from film perforation and elasticity of celluloid, changes of colour caused by the fluctuation in colour temperature of the projector bulb and, inevitably, dirt, grain and scratches.”

– Zbig Rybczynski –Looking to the Future – Imagining the Truth,” in FranÐois Penz, Maureen Thomas, Cinema& Architecture. Mþliús, Mallet-Stevens, Multimedia, BFI, London, 1997


“In Tango, Rybczynski exploits this concept of the single offscreen space by filling it with a plethora of actions. It soon becomes obvious that such a small space, that of a small room, could not possibly contain all the actions taking place. Rybczynski also makes critical use of off-screen space, exposing it for the artifice it is. Off-screen space is the imaginary area beyond the edge of the screen, and in front of or behind the camera. There are a number of ways through to off-screen space in Tango – a window and a door in the back wall, doors on either side of the room, and cupboard which also has its uses. Rybczynski orchestrates his entrances and exits with great precision.”

– Roger Noake, Animation Techniques, Secaucus, Chartwell Books Inc., 1988.

Psychedelic Visuals

I am having lots of fun designing the video projection for my 30 minute performance at Y2K-X in Santa Cruz and 2 weeks time (Sunday 17th 10.30 Pearl Alley Studios). As I have decided that something in the performance will be influenced by psychedelia, I am trying to ( dunno what I mean by “trying”… its easy…) make a trippy 30 minute film.

Im working with the strobe effect that I was experimenting with in video back in the 80´s, and re-discovered for the “driving film” Vang Drive (see prev post). The theory that I was working on was that if you flash the frames in negative/positive in front of the eyes, the ends of your eye rods dont have time to aclimatise themselves to being, black for example before they are given white to process… this makes vision difficult and unstable. THEN if you introduce a static NON strobed element to the composition infront of the flashing, it will kind of float out of the screen IN FRONT… this is because the eye will try to give this element prescience over the instability of the strobing.

Anyway I started out with such lofty ideas… 15 layers of flashing later (Im using stock footage as source material, mostely a huge collection of grunge film, leader film, scratches etc.) its looking LOVELY…

So now Im trying to render it… except that the fucking thing keeps crashing.. damn it! It says I have some frames out of bounds and 6k pixels or something, except I dont.. unless its doing something behind the scenes… Grrr.

Anyway, heres some screen shots…

I´m doing too much!!!

My God I´m doing too much… Im so stressed!
First there work, finishing touches to 9 episodes Anti Corruption film, you know the fiddly anal bits, new narrator, colour sound fixes.. ugh!

Then theres Aunty.. Did I finish the kitchen, the street? Have I started the hostess trolley the scones and teapot? Can I do the fun job of adding pendulums to the re-occuring dream sequence? got lots to do, PLUS Im trying to get the new funding proposal together.

Then there YK2X, the live looping festival in Santa Cruz that Im playing at in October, Iknow OCTOBER.. but my guitar needs fixing, Ive got to re-wire the pedal board, with a new Power supply, make new patch cables THAT FIT…. and figure out the signal flow, through pedals that Ive never used together. Maybe build an interface for the fat controller, thats gonna sequencer the pitch shifter, gonna have to design that and test that…

Im halfway to uploading some box photos to Etsy HERE although this isnt an offical post about that…

Thank fucking christ were going to Smavannsbu again, a weekend of no electricity, deep into the Norwegian woods…
Hopefully there wont be any mobile signal there, cos I might end up looking at my to list there!!!

Ive started using Remember the milk to keep track of all this sh… stuff, but now I just have a great big number 15 on my iphone telling me how many things I havent done yet!!