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This is where I will put blog posts of cranes stuff, mostly because theres alot of old crap be uploaded these days, so I might as well order it up a bit.

Cranes Assago Forum

I’m really not sure if I have ever seen this video before. Anyway… pretty ok sound, but yet another shaky VHS. Love it… still makes me nervous when I hear that Wings of Desire music.

Peel Sessions

My mate Alex just found these batter quality versions of the Peel sessions.

Inescapable animation in video by Jennie Vee

Old friend of the Cranes, Jennie Vee, has released a video with some of my animation in it.
Great song, a collaboration with John Fryer, who coincidentally once engineered a remix by Ivo Watts Russell of a Cranes song.
The animation footage was nicked from an old video for the song inescapable, there’s even a few frames of MY HAND playing the violin in it ha ha.

We first became acquainted with a very young Jennie, when she was to young to get into our gig at Lee’s Palace in Toronto and stood outside the fire exit with her frozen ear to the door.

The Cranes Philadelphia,Pa 3.10.97

Well here’s a gig Id totally forgotten! I was obviously enjoying this one alot, judging by the playing Lilies from the audience and pretty much trashing my guitar during Adrift! It always happened that if I loved a show, you can be sure that Jim hated it, as can be proven when Ali says “this is the last song”, Jim can be clearly heard muttering “…ever!”

And heres the “trashing bit” from Adrift… what a fucking guitar hero!

God I miss it…

Robert Coleman RIP

Im very down today, I had some bad news that a good friend of mine just took his own life.
Rob Coleman was a brilliant artist, and was actually responsible for all of the early Cranes records artwork, the first 2 albums “Wings of Joy” Self Non Self . There were also a lot of singles and EPs in the early days (was a typical way to break indie bands back then) and his artwork for tracks like Espero and Tommorows tears, Adoration and the first ever single Inescapable were really part of the early marketing of the band, and had alot to say about where we were places as “dark” and “artistic”, ok I say it Goth band. By the third album he suddenly refused to do them anymore, was a surprise at the time, but now I think it might have been stress issues. His partner Heather and him had an almost enviable and single-minded life-style, of hard work and artistic endeavor, being both lecturers at Portsmouth University, they renovated their houses by hand, and Rob became an expert craftsman in all that he did.
I’m sure he had no idea but when we were at art college together, he was quite a mentor for me, and taught me a lot about printing and photography.
Ill miss him.


Pop Promo
As well as being a member of the band, I directed this video in, Hmmm. about 1991… 16mm, and is my favorite from my Cranes videos. The final Animation is pictures from the alchemist Robert Flood.
Metal ball built by me, mysterious floor design, by James and me.
Explosion by Jim Shaw, thanks Jim.