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After a while of inactivity in the Aunty project, due to other projects taking precedence, Suddenly a few things came together.
Firstly I finished the first rough model of “the House”. (It should have an address? (69 Acacia Avenue, Hemel Hempstead seems nice… hope it isnt a real place)

Can’t really show a pic cos it would be a bit of a SPOILER.. Oh ok, then, if you insist.. but from a long way away, in low quality ok? Deal!

AND, Even more exiting, James came up with the first model of Aunty herself! She has excellent hair!


Introducing Aunty

After six months of hard and very secret work, I think the time has come to announce that my very good friend and previous collaborator, Mr James Dolan and I, have re-animated our original sinister organisation “Ordo ab Chao” into a new-millennium high tech version, that we call “ORDO AB KHAO“.
The reason for this is that we have started work on a new project, called “Aunty – A Metaphysical Mystery”. It is a computer game. Now we are well under way in its development, and are currently seeking forms of funding so that one or both of us can work on it full-time.
The game concerns a child who wakes in a strange house that she can´t remember having been before, despite the friendly old lady who looks after her, telling her that shes “Aunty”.The child wonders where she is...

Aunty Screen shots

A strange and surreal atmosphere – a sinister but intriguing story. Strange characters, colourful plots, obscure locations, mysteries, milk and cookies. Reality and dreams merge, questioning existence.

Real-time based – game elements such as lighting, night and timed events, will reflect the users actual time. Because different events happen at different times of day and on different times of the week, users will enjoy a varied experience, from person to person, and from play to play.

Non-Linear story – the mysteries hidden within the game may be revealed in different sequences or combinations producing different game experiences.

Learning – Unique feature where as the character learns to read, to reveal her own history and key points in the narrative.

Multiple endings – The player may decide whether or not an ending is a real “game-over”, or to go back and explore another path, to reveal alternate endings.

Story told in 1st and 3rd person – Mostly, the user will play in a 3rd person, over the shoulder view, this gives a feeling of “a character I control”, but during the dream sequences the view will be 1st person, this feels more like “me”. Thus the dreams almost feel more real, than reality.

Game play based on exploration, learning, narrative and physical clues, mysteries and puzzles.

Game analyses user choices and play patterns and alters content.

A child is sick
…she passes over…
…but awakes in a strange house…
She asks “Where am I?”
…and explores the house…
She asks “Who am I?”
…searches outside…
…but the answer comes from within.