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This category is for either music videos I have made or participated in. That could be Me playing live shot from the crowd, or me playing in my studio, or pop videos I have been in, made or whatever… I am NOT including films made by me with my music on. They are all in the Film menu.

The Cranes Philadelphia,Pa 3.10.97

Well here’s a gig Id totally forgotten! I was obviously enjoying this one alot, judging by the playing Lilies from the audience and pretty much trashing my guitar during Adrift! It always happened that if I loved a show, you can be sure that Jim hated it, as can be proven when Ali says “this is the last song”, Jim can be clearly heard muttering “…ever!”

And heres the “trashing bit” from Adrift… what a fucking guitar hero!

God I miss it…


On Thursday Jens and I played at the Polyføkt festival in Torshov, and it went pretty well. Ill be posting video and sound of our “show” soon. There was many cameras all over the place, (Noise nerds like to document) so I may even be able to do a multi camera edit, we´ll see if the music/recording was really any good!
Heres the poster!
polyføkt postwr
And here are the videos:


Sound of Mu 16th Nov 2011

Here are 3 videos of the show me and Jens did at Sound of Mu.
All was improvised, and made up as we went along. The sound is a bit crap, as the camera is below the speakers, but it was fun… if not partcularly groundbreaking or together…

Uncle Ian Live

Rare footage of Uncle Ian at the Hornpipe. Check out my HUGE hair!


Pop Promo
As well as being a member of the band, I directed this video in, Hmmm. about 1991… 16mm, and is my favorite from my Cranes videos. The final Animation is pictures from the alchemist Robert Flood.
Metal ball built by me, mysterious floor design, by James and me.
Explosion by Jim Shaw, thanks Jim.


Marhaug, Ratke and Love… phew!!!
It was GREAT!!!

Merzbow in Oslo

When Lo Fi just sint Lo Fi enought, then you have to go and film Merzbow at Blå in Oslo on a mobile phone!!!