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Music and how it is currently distributed.

This depressing chart I wanted to post on my blog, just so I remember it. My friend Andy pointed out that maybe Spotify is not THAT bad, as its more correct to think of it as radio, and not as a sale, and you get paid everytime they play something, not just once per sale… still bad cash tho… Was better in the old days… like last week…


So the Softstep arrived!!! Me and Nikolas made this little film to celebrate!

Initial thoughts:

Its Extremely well made (tank etc)
Very small, but usable (and very light!!! Goodbye FCB)
Seems to have a good feel (havent tried it with anything other than the software yet.)
One tiny con,
I don´t really believe that the pressure and 360degree movement is actually very usable, not for musical purposes anyway, Im sure it takes some practice, and sure I can SEE the sensors changing, but its not really possible to smoothly increase a value (like you would need for a pan or a volume or a wah. its a bit haphazard… I think you need tobe wearing soft light shoes, something with a flat surface, which is a bit aukward for us skandinavians who basically NEVER wear shoes indoors (not the done thing due to sand/grit ruining parquet floors) I have to get some “soft-stepping shoes”.


The midi box… Needed for midi hardware users.
Hmmm… is this an afterthought? Doesnt seem to fit withe the wonderfully designed pedal, light breakable, connected by, get this.. A MICRO USB UGH!!! How is it powered when NOT using USB (which is the only way you WILL use it after all..) Well by another usb connection, into a USA USB conector… I cant use that!!! And probably cant find one here with a Euro plug…
WHAT WRONG WITH A FUCKING WALL WART??? Well OK we KNOW what is wrong, but a USB cable??? into a MICRO USB socket.. This WILL fail, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT..
I have had a micro usb on my work cameras changed, oohhh maybe 7 times?
TOTALLY USELESS for a rock and roll product.. Because I think Keith Mac is forgetting this a bit, due to the fact that his target group are professional experimental violinists, and laptop loopers… what about heavy footed guitarists..?

SOLUTION: They SHOULD have come up with a midi module that clamped onto the pedal, had MAINS (110/240 switchable) input socket, with midi in/out. (and a mini usb for the convenience of programming from the computer at the same time as having the hardware plugged in.)
The module could have clicked into place around the current USB input. OK the transformer would have added some weight, but this fiddling solution now, is gonna break, Im sure of it…
Im going to try to mount the midi box IN my pedal board, and have a short jumper cable over to the Softstep, but Im gonna be nervous!

Heres the complete package (with Useless SB… US power adaptor).

OK grumble over… LOVE the pedal… OK better launch the program…. BRB…

Noise and Silence

Here are 2 books that I´m re-reading, different direction, but maybe the same result?

Gig Report Blå 6th Feb

So I did my first gig for a year and a half. It went… OK!!!

I started a bit slow, not intentionally, and i had to jigger up the speed a bit after a while. Main problem for me was that it was soooo loud.. at least for me on stage, people said afterwards that it was a great sound out front, but very loud. The thing was that it kind of stoppped me from adding too many layers, and I was somewhat UN-subtle… it was difficult to hear myself properly, and it took a while before i realised that I was on the wrong Vortex patch. When I brought in the xylophone sequence on the GR30, i actually couldn’t hear it… so i backed off the loops…  then the bit with the random timpani samples firing, actually went very well, I went mad with the vortex, and morphed about thru various patches…. but then the end.. I got s pretty RAWK loop going, and had no where to go but up.. so I’m afraid it ended with a bit of a Hawkwind power thrash thing… which I chopped up a bit with the ef303 at the very end, which kind of worked ok.. (but did my guitar actually stop working about 3 mins before the end.. don’t know cos I haven’t unpacked it yet.. maybe I was miming at the end there.. ha ha!!)

Anyway Thanks to Sten Ove Toft for getting me out of my studio,  and the sound guy Jarle from Berlin, what a nice guy that I’ve never met in Oslo before, and who has now unfortunately moved to Berlin… that I think is a hole, but I didn’t tell him that ha ha.

The Blå info page

This is what Blå put in their program for Feb/March. Strange how they chose a pic of me that was oooh maybe 25 years ago, Uncle Ian at Portsmouth Poly maybe 1988… Ha Ha…

Concert – supporting John Weise

I will be supporting noise guy John Weise at Blå on the 6th of February.
Im a bit nervous cos I didnt play at all last year… and he is doing noise… just noise, kinda ok though sort of rattly noise. This year I have been getting away from noise and drone stuff and returning to purely live looped guitar. However, this is probably a glitch, as the most recent stuff Ive done has had distortion sneaking back in, and pitch shifting everything, in almost a funny way… thats funny ha ha, not funny peculiar .