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I have been known to write words a bit, all sorts of stuff, stories, very high brow academic nonsense, record reviews, films scripts, and all sorts of other stuff quite a hotchpotch really.

The Untitled Film

Heres the start of a screenplay Im working on:
Let me know what you think?


By Mark Francombe


In a “well to do” drawing room, 15 naked people eat jelly

…and I said to him, what a
twat… and he punched me in the

I hope you killed him!

I didn’t have time, Mary chopped his head off with a spoon


No, stainless steel.

Both men laugh…
track to other end of table where two women are snogging passionately.

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Epistolary writing

I have just discovered a new term that heavily relates to my work with “Fragment Storytelling” and indeed much storytelling in games.
An Epistolary Novel is a Story that using letters of documents to tell the story.
Maybe the most famous of the genre is Dracula but I am also a fan of 84 Charing Cross Road. I also have an amazing “Whodunnit” book, called Murder off Miami weirdly by Dennis Wheatley, where the letters and documents are fully reproduced on different papers and types. Including photographs from the Crime Scene and an envelope at the end that contains the solution. HE produces 5 of these and I must try to collect them all!
Murder off Miami
In games letters or books are often used to tell the story. A good example being the Elder Scroll series, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim being the most recent. Some young gamers probably dont bother with all this reading material, but I love it, and devour all!

In “Somewhere on the road to Hell” I will also be using this technique extensively, especially as I want to keep dialogue to a minimum (both for technical and atmosphere reasons). The game starts (usually) with a letter of introduction to the valley in Norway, from your employer. during the game there will be many subtle hints that can be read or discarded. INdeed, if there is a goal at all to the game, its to find out as much as you can. The actual game mechanics (which can´t really be revealed) will mean that it is in fact impossible to play the game once and learn everything, how ever much you try, and you will have to play again a number of times to kind of see the events from other angles… One play may even contradict another play, so coming out with a defining “this is what happened” will be impossible. More that “This is what happen this time”.


A concept, but what is it?

As I was transferring my old mac book pros hard-drive to my NEW mac book pros hard-drive, I discovered this. I remember writing it, but can’t remember what it was, is this a computer game concept, or a film, or a book? Or something else?

What do YOU think it is…? Maybe I will continue working with it?

In the front garden:
A Normal house, divided into flats, different people live here, very different.

The house:
Room One:
17 yer old Tom the Punk, lives here… spends most of his time listening to music. His girlfriend Trace, stays occasionally.. she doesnt speak (till the end of the story) and Tom likes it that way…
Room Two:
Della Android lives here. Second name is of course an adopted pseudonym. She is a cybernetics major, and all the other occupants worship her in some way. She wears sharp suits and has a Chanel bob haircut. She is incredibly intelligent, and plays in a synthesizer drone band called “Cold”. She has no feelings, and she knows it is her failing so she pretends to cry in her room at night in order to give the impression that she is interesting. She thinks she might love Jeremy Potter, if only she could be sure that it wasnt just a head cold… anyway he is far to shy.

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