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New years resolution

Last year was a terrible year for this blog. I hardly posted nothing. So i will try to do better this year.

So aims for 2020?

New guitar band, looping, little industrial little ambient noise, live drums ( maybe bit cop shots cop, metal percussion thing) with maybe added field recordings.

Animation, get studio space for stop motion up and running, do some tests, maybe start to finish “The Box” modeling (mini theatre sets) writing.

VR, working on multiplayer VR city, more info to come.

New Electricity album. New idea to improvise with Martin while recording, two big long sessions then divide it between us for editing and mixing.

Finish Studio. The new space is all i have ever dreamed of. Studios have always been very important to me, i’ve almost always had one (wish i had pics of them all, coming up, lust of all Marks studios) And this space has the potential to be the perfect one. With one major caveat. In the Summer, will the bugs ( millipedes) come back? and will i be able to kill them off? Other things still need doing. Roof painting and floor tiling to stop concrete dust getting into everything.

So what do I want from 2020?


Studio pics

Moving into the new house in Nesodden 6 month ago, I finally got the studio space of my dreams, and nightmares…
Its underground, and made of 2 rooms (one is the garage).
My plan is to record there of course, but not your normal studio with live room and window and crap (ITS ONLY ME!!!) More like a nice cosy place to sit a noodle, but where all the various instruments are always plugged in and ready to go. Although not a drummer, I want to put together a kind of minimalist “industrial” kit, more for sampling (and guests) Made from Steve A´s old mini kit (love that kick drum).
Another area in the space is the workbench tat will have 2 uses. Soldering, for modular synth stuff (but I admit, at the moment Im almost finished with that journey, I have about 10 more modules to finish and install, but ten Ill re-evaluate sell stuff, and see what I want to end up with. Alos I want to use tis are for small model making, for animations. Somwhere Im going to set up a home made animation desk, for tiny stop-frame animation. Using Dragon Frame on an additional computer, and making a kind of small re-usable “stage” not unlike the paper theatres we used to make.
In the adjoining room is the workshop. CAn be used to working on house stuff, carving stuff, or making animation sets.
At least… thats the plan.

Something happening with the Ethernet Orchestra

Bloody ages ago, I used to write reviews on an experimental webzine called Those writings exist somewhere on this very site actually.
Anyway, Roger Mills was the editor and he ran off to Australia for some reason, and started The Ethernet Orchestra. This was a art/music/phd thesis, about music that is played across networks. And for one performance I was a member, performing in my pyjamas from my bedroom, at an ungodly hour, while the rest of the group were on stage in the land down under. Well he seems to have written a book, made a film, or something, at least there’s a very nice poster… Although not mentioned, I’m pretty certain Im Oslo.

Letter printed in The Wire

I’ve been getting the music magazine The Wire for about 25 years, and I still have most of them!
Never have I felt the need to write to them, but after the editor Derek Walmsley told a little story about slightly wishing he had bothered to learn an instrument properly, I was driven I tell ya, to write.
I have always been into more experimental ways of playing the guitar, with loads of fx, guitar synths and not to mention, looping. But never really got to be an expert guitar player, which I regret. And probably too late now.
However, Hilde bought me a lapsteel guitar for christmas (and I bought another one a few weeks later- you kind of need a few to investigate different tunings)… And Im determined to learn. Anyway, cut a long story short.. my letter was printed, god-dammit!
And here it is!

Inescapable animation in video by Jennie Vee

Old friend of the Cranes, Jennie Vee, has released a video with some of my animation in it.
Great song, a collaboration with John Fryer, who coincidentally once engineered a remix by Ivo Watts Russell of a Cranes song.
The animation footage was nicked from an old video for the song inescapable, there’s even a few frames of MY HAND playing the violin in it ha ha.

We first became acquainted with a very young Jennie, when she was to young to get into our gig at Lee’s Palace in Toronto and stood outside the fire exit with her frozen ear to the door.