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I have always been interested in VR, ever since I first read about it in the 80´s. I read a lot of Cyberpunk books, and rushed to the local fair-ground when they got a (very bad) VR flying game installed.
Almost 30 years later, the technology has finally reached a point where we can realise some of the dreams we had back then. And oh what dreams we had, but what of now? Architectural walk-thru´s? Desperate attempts to VR-ify the latest shoot em ups…?
No, the future of VR comes from creating multi-user worlds. The internet has enabled us to learn more about other countries and become engaged in them, with VR we can now finally meet one another, without the destruction of the planet as we traipse all over it taking selfies in exotic places.
2020 and Covid19 has pushed the idea of social interaction via the internet, and no more so than in VR. AltSpace and VRchat are the two big actors as I write this now in 2012, with AltSpace being slightly better and more adult orientated. With this collection posts I will document, my wxperiments, ideas and adventures in VR, including the documenting of events, both social and serious as I attend them. This tech is moving so fast, it could all be different by this time next year.


I’m working on a VR city called Virtropolis.

Going into AltSPace from Immersed

#Immersed is a VR platform which enables you t view and work on your computer desktops. AltSpace is a platform for meeting people and events in VR. Here I go into AltSpace from a screen that is showing in Immersed… kind of VR inside of VR.


The first step to making a multi user city is to make the multi user bit. I have learnt this now. It’s taken a while. First I made a complete city for my magnate Manager concept, then I recently made V-town… I guess I just enjoy making cities. But now at least I’ve started by making a simple test project. Just from a template, but it’s a start.

Meeting in VR

As part of the new regime at my new merged company TASK, We have a small group dedicated to investigating “The Future”. Called Future Labs.
We had our first meeting completely in VR yesterday. It went well. Unfortunately the contents of the said meeting are secret.
Here’s the Selfie!


I have recently discovered Hubs, a multi-platform VR world building framework from Mozilla.
Loving it so far and during these Corona Times have been pretty busy making VR meeting Rooms, exhibitions and galleries!

Heres some offices

This is a replica of the TASK/Transform offices in downtown Oslo.

This meeting room set-up has a screen where you can show desktop video or stream from your computers browser.
And heres Club Corona

Send me a mail if you want access to take a look…

Grieving via VR?

I think this might be stretching to find a reason for VR, but I’m guessing that we will soon have to deal with way more ethical questions., than this odd Korean thing where a Mother “meets” her dead daughter in VR.