My Curiculum Vitae

4th of December 1963, in Ongar, Essex, England.

Petersfield Comprehensive School
‘O’ levels in Art English Maths Physics Design and Technology.

Portsmouth University
BA Hons Degree in Fine Art – Film and video (2:1)
16mm and Video production, direction and editing, Animation Rostrum camera.

Portsmouth College of Art, Design and Further Education
HND in Graphics. OND in 3D Design.
Videographics, Typography, Photography, Printing, CGI and 3D Design.

PC or Mac OS Skills.
Multimedia/Graphics: Flash! Photoshop,
Video: After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premier.
3D (game focus):Maya, Unity (PlayMaker, Adventure Creator).

Audio/Music: Software: Logic Reaper, Audition, Audio-Mulch.
Hardware. Live looping /guitar and I own, build and maintain a big Modular synth.

Everything I know about design has changed 10 times since working in this field, being a designer means that one should be aware of all the trends and then ignore them. It just about ideas, I have many, too many! I think like an artist, I know when to keep it simple, and know when to make it mad. Being a creative director means that I try to inspire and push my team to be creative far beyond they themselves think they can be. I don’t pander to the customer, they love to tell me when I’ve gone too far!

Film and Video:
Direction, camera, sound and editing.

As well as having an almost constant output of experimental films, using 16mm, Super8 and video, I have directed numerous pop-videos, animation segments, and time-lapse sequences, hundreds of interactive training films and I have good experience of 3D and green screen, I have even shot a 16mm documentary in Thailand about a lost tribe.

I enjoy taking the often somewhat dry and inadequate concepts of businesses and showing them how it doesn’t have to be boring. In my training films I have made action, sci fi, car chases, song and dance, good guys and bad guys and especially comedy. I want my characters to have emotions and be colourful, fun and dynamic. I want to bring the companies perception of the training film up to the same level as advertising, but without the banality and lack of original ideas that advertising usually suffers from.

Music and Sound:
Music is my life.

I have written and recorded music for everything from samplers and synthesizers to a 10 piece orchestra.
As a musician in the rock band Cranes from 1990-1997 ( I have performed all around the world including support band for the Cures 1992 Wish Tour. Other musical projects have included Uncle Ian (1981-91 electronic – multimedia), Eardrum (1992-97 electronic) and (2000-2001 metal-noise) and We Snakes (2005-08 improv-noise).

I can make almost any style or genre of music, and currently I write much of the music for my companies films as well as continuing to play and record my own music. Personally, I have very experimental tastes and play guitar looping electronica, and work with voltages, waveforms and gate signals on my big Modular synth. I consider pure sound and noise to be as important as music, and take care to be creative in the audio palette of my film work, whilst also being aware of the truth that John Cage knew, that the most beautiful sound is silence.

Work Experience
Ordo Ab Chao (1989 – 1990)
Freelance Camera – Animation – Art Projects.
Cranes (1989- 1997)
Saatchi and Saatchi, Oslo. Aug 97
Mac operator
Astronaut Media. Jan 98 – Aug 98:
Virtu As: Nov 98 – Jan 99
Multimedia developer.
In2win As: Jan 99 – Oct 99
Multimedia developer.
Grape/Clockwork: Sept 99:
Multimedia and conceptual developer. Feb 2000
Multimedia and conceptual developer.
Involve Learning: March 2001
Senior Multimedia designer
Transform AS: 2003 – to NOW!
Creative Director.
After Involve learning went bankrupt, me and 5 others decided to to buy the remains of the company and continue. Due in part to my insistence on a new and creative direction in e-learning and the amazing sales and management of Stig Robert Larsen, Transform has gone from strength to strength. We now produce “high end” interactive training, incorporating video and animation, creative and fun solutions for the biggest companies in Norway. Backed by 15 employees and a programming department in India, we are now pushing our own boundaries into areas using 3D gaming technology and smart phone apps. Having partnered with learning consultants K a few years ago, we now have formed a new umbrella org called TASK.
We are constantly increasing our video quality to a level that exceeds most broadcast productions, combining this with an amazing array of implementation tools. Such as launch pad sites, reporting and measuring tools, classroom and group sessions, consultation, even board-games! 

There now follows just a few examples of some of the films I have made.

Nordic Choice Hotels “Petter Penguin” (Environmental learning) (2018) 360 degree video
Korrupsjonsjeger (2017/ 2018)
UDI – ”Barnets beste” (2017/ 2918
DIFI- Mentorprogram (2017/ 2018)
Statens vegvesen – Bilkrim (2017)
DNB – ”Sikkert som banken” – Informasjonssikkerhet (2016)
Sporveien – ”På rett spor” – etikk (2016)
NTNU – ”Flink med folk” – Opplæring i kommunikasjonsferdigheter (2016)
DNB – ”Antihvitvasking” (2016)
DNB – ”180 dager” – Onboarding for nyansatte (2015)
DNB – ”Lederrollen” – lederopplæring (2015)
DNB – opplæring i personforsikring (2015)
Statoil og NHO – ”Helmax systemer” Et 8 timers e-læringsprogram i HMS. (2014/2015)
Orkla – Business by the Book 2014
Flytoget: Kundetreffpunkter (2012)
KLP – etikk (2013)
Nordic Choice Hotels – ”You are the boss” (2013)
Nasjonalt kompetansesenter for læring og mestring «Treff meg!» (2013)
Infratek, «Oppdag Infratek» Blended learning, med spesialtilpasset LMS (2013)
Rica Hotels: Introduksjonsprogram (2012)
Yara: Interaktiv opplæring innen sosiale medier (2012)
Sparebanken Vest: Opplæringsfilm innen pensjon (2012)
TINE: ”Dette er TINE” Introduksjon for nyansatte (2011/ 2012)
Atmel Corp: Living The Values (2011)
United Nations : “The Fight Against Corruption” (2010)
Statoil ASA: Etikk og antikorrupsjon (2010)
Statoil ASA: Statoil Management System (2010)
Real Winner : Antidopingopplæring for 15 internasjonale forbund (2008 – 2010 )
Aker Solutions : CR principles (2008)
Telenor ASA: Telenor Development Process (2007)
Telenor ASA: “The Visionary” Visjon og verdier (2006)
Telenor ASA: “Reputation” Etiske retningslinjer (2005), “
Hydro – “You and Hydro ”Let’s take a closer look” (2007)
Hydro: Travel Safety and security (2007)
Statoil Retail – Lett tjente penger/ ransopplæring/ værstyrt vaskekampanje

Musician, Filmmaker, Game-designer & Kipple-monger