MARK FRANCOMBE Musician, Filmmaker, Game-designer & Kipple-monger

Documenting VR

I watched a bunch of punk documentaries the other day and was struck how limited the footage from this important time in music and social history is. Almost all film from the Pistols or the Clash comes from the cameras of one of 2 people only, Don Letts, later of Big Audio Dynamite and the DJ at the Roxy club, and Julian Temple, original film-maker behind the controversial “Great Rock & Roll Swindle”.
The technology of VR is changing so fast that by this time next year it could all look different, and in AltSpace in particular, there are new clubs turning up every weekend. Not all are successful or well made, some are concentrating on making a great club space, some on the music. Some of the music is simply streamed YouTube clips, but some is streamed live from DJs homes playing live sets on camera, and some is even performed live IN VR using the TribeVR DJ software.

On this page I intend to collect video and image snippets from various worlds, events and nightclubs I visit in VR, and maybe we shall see some change and progression over time. It’s pretty exciting for an old man like me who has been following with avid curiosity since the mid 1980s.