MARK FRANCOMBE Musician, Filmmaker, Game-designer & Kipple-monger


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I first started making films on my Dads Super8 camera, mostly as things to project over my band at the time, Uncle Ian.
I went first to Portsmouth College of Art, and worked on UMatic Video and a HUGE graphics computer with 5″ disk drive!, then I moved over to Portsmouth University into the Fine Art Film department and fell in love with Animation, 16mm and BolexH16s.
I produced some installations, some Performance Art and made a pretty cheezy, but HUGE film, in anamorphic Cinemascope, called Strawberry Wasp. Which purported to be a story about good and evil, love and hate, Heaven and Hell.. and that kind of small understated subjects. But what it really was about, I have no idea… It kind of “made itself”.

After making a few Pop Promos for Cranes, Cardiacs and some local bands, I went on to produce some tiny Animated things, all in huge wide screen, basically about Alchemy and Secrets. Worked with macro-film soap opera with live bugs, and suddenly got famous in the Cranes and gave it all up!

Ten years later, computers had been invented, and I found myself in Norway, where I fell into an e-learning company, learned Flash!, quickly hooked it up to video, and so began my second career in Film an Video.

14 years later, I am a senior partner in TASK, and making Interactive Corporate Films and shit like that.

Meanwhile I have continued to make quickie lo-fi films, on phones and in the dark, and very quickly, just for fun and to kind of kid myself that I’m still an artist at heart.

Recently I have gotten myself a great studio and am slowly ramping back up to doing some proper stop motion animation films, like I had intended that I would do 30 odd years ago.

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