MARK FRANCOMBE Musician, Filmmaker, Game-designer & Kipple-monger


I have been interested in games and VR all my life. Now finally I am making my own. After a few years of relative secrecy I decided to post a few screenshots from my games “Aunty – A metaphysical mystery.” and T.R.U.T.H. Both made in Unity, they have served to teach me a little game programming, and a lot of 3D. The projects are currently undergoing a little hiatus as I explore a few other creative avenues, but the button below will take you down a rabbit hole of blog posts regarding these projects over the last few years.


Ive been interested in VR since Snow Crash in the 80s, now Im making some, its the next big thing you know?


Aunty is a game that I started to make with James Dolan. It concerns a young girl who, wakes up in a strange house with a kindly Aunty, the only problem is, shes never seen her before!

The King of the Hill

King of the Hill, (or King of the Castle, get down you dirty rascal, as we sing in England) is my first multi-player game, still unfinished. Basically you load into a small area that contains a Hill, and you score more points the higher up the hill you are. Thats fine, unless there re more people playing, in which case, you should push them off the Hill.
Currently in hiatus cos I’m more interested in working on another game right now, and having trouble implementing my own hand made character…


The road up to Hell

Somewhere in Norway, there is a valley, with a dark secret. Four people arrive in the valley at the same time, you are one of them.
I have been thinking and writing a lot about “fragment storytelling” recently, a genre of my own concoction, this the first game I am attempting using these ideas.
Pieces of four stories are cut up, chewed up, fucked up and distributed unevenly around an environment. who discovers what first, will change the experience. If you fill a game with enough Easter eggs, more for example than there is actual story or game-play, so that the easter eggs swallow/swamp/throttle the story, then allow the original game-play to become an Easter egg, what will happen?

Magnate Manager -coming soon

Eden -coming soon

The 6th floor -coming soon