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Gig Report Blå 6th Feb

So I did my first gig for a year and a half. It went… OK!!!

I started a bit slow, not intentionally, and i had to jigger up the speed a bit after a while. Main problem for me was that it was soooo loud.. at least for me on stage, people said afterwards that it was a great sound out front, but very loud. The thing was that it kind of stoppped me from adding too many layers, and I was somewhat UN-subtle… it was difficult to hear myself properly, and it took a while before i realised that I was on the wrong Vortex patch. When I brought in the xylophone sequence on the GR30, i actually couldn’t hear it… so i backed off the loops…  then the bit with the random timpani samples firing, actually went very well, I went mad with the vortex, and morphed about thru various patches…. but then the end.. I got s pretty RAWK loop going, and had no where to go but up.. so I’m afraid it ended with a bit of a Hawkwind power thrash thing… which I chopped up a bit with the ef303 at the very end, which kind of worked ok.. (but did my guitar actually stop working about 3 mins before the end.. don’t know cos I haven’t unpacked it yet.. maybe I was miming at the end there.. ha ha!!)

Anyway Thanks to Sten Ove Toft for getting me out of my studio,  and the sound guy Jarle from Berlin, what a nice guy that I’ve never met in Oslo before, and who has now unfortunately moved to Berlin… that I think is a hole, but I didn’t tell him that ha ha.

The Blå info page

This is what Blå put in their program for Feb/March. Strange how they chose a pic of me that was oooh maybe 25 years ago, Uncle Ian at Portsmouth Poly maybe 1988… Ha Ha…

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