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I bought a GR55!!!

Finally I got the cash together to get me a nice new shiny Git Synth. This is the highly acclaimed Roland GR55.

Now the cool thing about this is that its both a guitar synth (two synth tones) a modelled guitar tone (lots of fake guitars, amps and whatnot) and you normal guitar. All this is mixed together and sounds lovely…
I hope…
I must say the built in guitar patches are all horrible, metal guitar. But Im sure lots is possible. I already made my own patch, a kind of reverby acoustic guitar with a reverse delay.
What I havenet quite got yet is HOW the sounds are routed in regards to the guitar controls. On the good old GR30, I had a 3 pos switch, Synth/Mix/Guitar, but now with the GR55 Im not understanding what comes out where… I think that the normal pickups are routed thru the direct out jack, same as before, but only if I set it to be that… I think thats how I want it, cos the internal modelling guitar probaly needs to come out of the main outputs to get stereo effects on.. but Im a bit confused about that. Im sure Ill suss it out though…
Photo by Nikolas

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