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Just a place where I can save links to all the many things I have my eye on, if only I had loads of money!

The missing link

Cheap and nasty amp and speaker solution, my record player is just not working anymore…

CHEAP SECOND HAND iPad (maybe IF I ever got the above, having an iPad for no other reason than to program my gear from would be great. The Roland GR55 especially, and the EDPs… Possibly the Repeater would work well by it.. MY GOD suddenly I see LOTS of poss!!

New sound card
… Really I would like a nice multichannel sound card, maybe to replace the Behringer mixer (that COULD be sold) but I really can NOT afford more than a simple one, bt the Ozone is going wrong.. maybe check for new drivers???

VJ, projection software. I want the Arena version for the mapping and sequencing capabilities.

SECOND HAND and cheap video projector, hopefully not too big, but something to try out video mapping with.

Musical instruments
Almost any, but I would still like an Io synth, a Virus Synth, a Sitar, a set of Tablas, a clarinet,

Modular Modules
I can never have enough modules!

mfb dual adsr
price : $160.00
livewire frequensteiner multimode filter
price : $225.00
synthesis technology/motm morphing terrarium
price : $379.00
synthesis technology/motm e340 cloud generator
price : $299.00
the harvestman malgorithm
price : $285.00
make noise wogglebug
price : $270.00
the harvestman
piston honda
price : $395.00
the harvestman tyme sefari
price : $350.00
the harvestman zorlon cannon
price : $295.00
livewire dalek modulator
price : $260.00
flame tame machine
price : $399.00
A-160 Clock/Trigger Divider
A-161 Clock/Trigger Sequencer
mfb seq-02
price : $280.00
A-163 Voltage Controlled Frequency Divider
mfb dual adsr
price : $160.00
mfb triple Oscilator

mfb vd-01
price : $235.00
Bin Tic Filter
price : $300
blue lantern
6hp fm joystick
price : $95.00

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