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It Lives! It Lives!

My Golum is finally in Unity I basically followed the Mecanim tutorial to add some animations, and do blend trees for walks and runs, a jump, but I dont have any punching animations, gotta get one.
BUT, I dont know what to do next! I cannot get this to work with the old character controller (WASD Space) and although my character Idles (oh yes an idle animation) when in game, I have NO IDEA how to get that linked to keyboard strokes.
It seems to be more aimed at console users, cos then you need SPEED as a controller, as the stick has a varied position from stopped to running, wheras on a PC, its usually an extra key that causes a run.

Golum from Mark Francombe on Vimeo.

I notice my mans feet are going thru the floor… hmm… is that bad?Autodesk Maya 2010_ _Users_markfrancombe_Dropbox_King of the Hill_Maya_KOTH010.mb

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