MARK FRANCOMBE Musician, Filmmaker, Game-designer & Kipple-monger

Kowloon Forest

While researching images for reference for my stop motion project “Tales from the Towers” I stumbled across a great short VR film called “Kowloon Forest”. 5 simple scenes are shown with the VR camera being directly between two people, or sort of. There no story really, just a few moments of people lives. It very stylized, in the the set looks almost painted, or computer game textured, but the acting seems real, and contrived. Im desperate to find out how they were made. I feel like its kind of 360 compositing, something I haven’t really seen or thought about. Theres no Greenscreen edges however som Im guessing its shot as 2d and fit into a 3d scene. I think there alot of possibilities here.
OK some images.

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